Published Jul 23. 2006 - 14 years ago
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Fly boxes

Hello everybody :)
I want to ask about fly boxes.
I am sorry if this topic is not in correct column :oops:
What fly boxes do you use,and what is the pluses ant minuses :?: :roll:

Hi there,...

Hi there,

I use C&F boxes and the only minus I can think of is the size, they are a bit big for my wading jacket, but other than that I find them to be excellent.



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Re: Fly boxes...

What fly boxes do you use,and what is the pluses ant minuses :?

inner workings that are important - the way you attach the flies. Of course the box material is also important - wood, plastic, metal - but look at the inside first. I will sum the main types up as this:

- Flat foam (many brands)
Easy to use, but also easy to make a mess in you fly collection. I use large wooden flat-foam-boxes for fly storage at home.

- Riffled foam (many brands)
Better than the above in many ways. Easier to organize your flies

- Cut-out foam (C&F-style)
Very nice system, and excellent for most types of flies. My current favorites

- Clips (Whetley-style)
Great for single and double salmon flies. Very nice to look at.

- Compartments (Whetley style)
Excellent for dry flies and nymphs. I use a waterproof plastic box with compartments for my dries and nymphs.

- "pinchers" (Fox box style)
Very good for medium size singles. Very organized. I used to use these for my sea trout flies, and still use a few of these boxes for my older flies.

- Special boxes (for tube flies, tarpon flies etc)
Very nice when you have that special need. I never had it.

Having made this list I have actually considered turning it into an article. The subject is quite interesting, and I'm sure there would be an audience for that.

Until then I hope this was useful to you


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I have tried some different fly boxes, classic aluminum, and modern plastic ones. I also use C&F Design and I am quite happy with it. It’s not the cheapest one out there, but price v/ quality is OK.

In my DIY period I made a fly box out of a cut down wooden cigar box, and simply filed the inside with some pieces of self adhesive foam (the type you use on windows). I also made a version out of a small gray plastic box, it worked so well that I actually still got it.

Regards Peter

Edit: The C&F Design CF-1505 MSF S-size FlyCase 5/5 pockets is not to big to fit in a pocket.

In the States there is an...

In the States there is an expression. It is something like, "When you get to my age never pass a bathroom." Well, never rufuse a flybox. There are about a thousand different types, going back 100 years, and they all seem to work for some flies. Martin has summed it up beautifully.

If you want to save some money and be a trend setter, go to a crafts store and look for compartmented plastic boxes. In this country there is even a store called The Container Store. There are also many craft supply stores. I don't know what they would be called in Europe. They would be like art supply stores. They have dozens of different size and style soft plastic boxes that are perfect for loose flies. I use them for dry flies, nymphs and poppers. They cost about a tenth of what pro boxes cost. Some have adjustable size compartments.

I even use small cardboard boxes that nails and screws come in. They are good for streamers and flies that are OK to crush a bit. I have many of them and they have a clear plastic window so you can see what is inside. I am a carpenter so I always have dozens of them around.

But of course we all love that classic, expensive look every once in a while.

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Since I have a tendency to tie on a fly and get too preoccupied to notice that I left my fly box sitting on the bank, I use the crushable ripple foam boxes that have a fabric outside. They float, use a simple magnet to hold them together, and if I leave one sitting around, it's not too big of a loss because I can pick up a replacement for $10. Those are for my streamers and wets.

For dries, I have some simple compartment boxes. I don't like using ripple foam because they mess up hackle and wings too easily.

But, the number one thing I've learned in life is that no matter what box you have, put your name and phone number on it!!!!!!!!!

>>>>But, the number one thing...

>>>>But, the number one thing I've learned in life is that no matter what box you have, put your name and phone number on it!!!!!!!!! <<<<

Excellent idea, Rybolov.



I am looking forward to your article about Fly boxes.
I've been looking around to buy a nice streamer/saltwater/sea trout fly box but so far I can't find the right one.


My biggest problem is finding...

My biggest problem is finding quality boxes big enough for the massive amounts of big flies that i lug around :)

Thank you for answers,I...

Thank you for answers,I ordered C&F fly box,I hope it would be great for me and my vest pocket :!: :wink:

For large flies I really like...

For large flies I really like the nubby tack style boxes. The hook sits down between little rubber spikes and hold very firmly. For smaller flies the I like the slit foam style as well.

Great site by the way!!!

Big Fly problem...

For my big streamer types that are long and garrish (ostrich feathered pike flies) I like the leather folding type with lamb's wool inside with a zipper that goes around three sides. I find them in antique shops and flea markets. They are worth cleaning well before use with soap and water but try not to get the leather wet. I blot them well dry with paper towels and then let them air dry. I have also done some leather work and am about to try and make a few with snaps for shutting. Like little soft briefcases.

The two boxes I have that I...

The two boxes I have that I would not part with are the C&F Large Waterproof Fly Box for streamers and my Wheatley slotted foam swingleaf for nymphs. Great products.


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