Published Jun 13. 2007 - 15 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Fly Fishing Pin-Ups !

Hey All,

It's been a long time since I have posted in the forum. Well I'm back !! I thought I would post a few photo's from my fishing trip with my fishing buddy Ripley. Well the summer is here (well for a few days) and that means warm nights and night fishing at the coast. A few days ago myself and Ripley were in the pursuit of Seatrout and the ellusive Mullet ( We all know mullet don't exist..ha ha ha.. But they do and I know where they are). We had a great night hooking 2 stunning seatrout and loosing more in the darkness. Ripley has allready posted on our night so there is no more to say about it.

Tonight Wednesday 13.06.07 Myself and Ripley again fished the dark hours in a local pond fishing for freshwater fish on small nymphs. We had great success and thought we should do a little modelling for the ladies. (gents control yourself).

Here is a few pics to get your taste buds going.


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Mr June...

The thousands of fishing experiences and photographs I have hold distant vivid memories but rarely can you reflect and look back and see the time in detail as if it were happening right there and then.

This night will be one of the memories I will take to my grave. I laughed so hard it hurt and it's been many years since I laughed as I did.

That was fishing. It may not of held great quantity (size of fish) but the quality was defiantely there.

I also feel naked without my hat on!!!!

Rip Mr June

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Re: Fly Fishing Pin-Ups !...

[quote:d02f8e6e04="Stephen Wade"]We had great success and thought we should do a little modelling for the ladies.[/quote:d02f8e6e04]

Dude, that's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

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what the hell do you guys...

what the hell do you guys drink when fishing? :lol: :lol: :lol:

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We do "drink and fish" but stay well under the limit.

Anyway, how are you Vanuz?
Long time no hear. Hows the fishing been treating you?

If your not catching much then your not fishing enough!

Hope to see you soon?

Rip van Mr June.

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Re: Drink?...


Anyway, how are you Vanuz?
Long time no hear. Hows the fishing been treating you?


yep, you´re right. I have tried to reach you at your old distantstream email address, but it seemed to be down.... then I tried your new "syndicate" page, no luck again, so I have just given up :?

I´ve been mostly fishing in Slovakia this spring (to many business trips there). I fished rivers and trout lakes and cannot complain, but no evidence, though - did not have my camera on me :)

....just been making plans for upcoming period, that´s why I tried contacting you regarding Lithuania trip.

How about your invasion to Finland? :D

EDIT: I have just found some photos to illustrate how picturesque our country is :)

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Hi Vanuz,

Your right...DistantStreams is down and off line for good. Contacting me there would of been fruitless but the guidesyndciate address works, that I can guarantee. Try it again: or my personal email:

So, your interested in Lithuania? If you still are, then let me know your intentions. We are (as always) going over to visit family very soon and later in the year but I am flexible with dates. I have already been over twice and I feel the pull again.

Unfortunately, there are many formalities to get in order and Fly Fishing Team Denmark were unable to meet the deadlines for this years World FF competition.
A couple of the teams members had babies due and work held others up but plans look set for next years event in New Zealand but that's a long way off and much could change.

Your pictures are very nice. Lovely scenery. Slovakia seems very inviting.

Good to be in conatct again Vanuz


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Steve ()and Ripley),

My Brrrrr! in the subject line is not because I think you froze this night.

Half naked men posing with their miniscule.... ehr.... fish!

Brrrrr! ;-)


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OMG Steve.... I haven't been...

OMG Steve.... I haven't been on here for awhile. Finally got a chance after a few road trips. I came in and saw "Pin-up" and thought, "Oooh!". <click> and :shock: :shock: :shock: A warning in the subject would be nice. ;)

These are more like it. ;) They are rainbow trout from lakes around Interior British Columbia, Canada.





How about some brook trout?




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No warning here......

Hi Rodney,

Hope thing s are well with you all. It's been a long time eh?

The pictures are lovely and I especially liked the last with the beautiful spots from the brookies. The first picture is a nice angle...

Steve and I are out again tomorrow evening (Friday). We will keep our shirts on this time and hope for some prime silver and maybe some mullet. We know where they are...We know they are there...It's just a matter of placing that darn fly in the right place...

We'll keep you posted with the results...


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I envy the availability of...

I envy the availability of those evening fisheries that you have. :) We certainly don't have those, at least not around the Greater Vancouver area. I've caught thick-lipped mullet in Asia before but never sight flyfished for them like what you do in DK. One day... Last year's short trip to King River with Martin and others was really special for me and I hope to be able to do that again possibly next spring. In the meantime, I just have to put up with these 45cm rainbows that love to gulp down a size 4 stonefly. :D


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