Published Jan 9. 2007 - 16 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

fly fishing snaps

I recently purchased a package of fly fishing snaps. That is the only way I know how to describe them. They are tiny hooks that you tie onto the end of your leader and they make changing flies a breeze. Or maybe a snap? Any way, I got them in a Cabellas or Bass Pro Shop. They work great on a 9 weight for changing big flies quickly. I do not have the original package and have no idea what they are called or where to buy more of them. They came in several sizes and I bought the second largest size. They wouldn't probably be good for dry flies or small nymphs, but with bigger stuff they work well. Do any of you fine fishers know what they are called or where I can order more. I am not close to the place where I got them. I'm not even sure where it was. I checked the online catalogues of both stores and could not find them.


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Hi Bob,...

Hi Bob,
They are called Micro snaps, and yeah, Cabelas did have, but discontinued. I don't believe that they got very many good reviews.

I found them...

Thanks, Paul,

I did find them at Bass Pro and they are called No-Knot Fas-Snaps. To all of the purists out there, I have been tying tiny knots for almost fifty years and these little things are great. I am a purist, too, but believe me, these little buggers are not cheating or giving in to hype in any way. I have no intention of using them with a size twenty dry fly but for big streamers and my world famous crayfish flies I wil use them forever. They wont make a bit of difference in appearance or presentation but will reduce my profanities. Yesterday I was changing flies in a 38 degree wind with a light mist. Numb finger tips and foggy glasses are not conducive conditions to tying tiny knots.

Thanks Bob, I've been looking...

Thanks Bob, I've been looking for those snaps as well.. I have only had one fail, and luckily it happend when swaping flies. They work well for swapping quickly between big warm water flies... But no wouldn't make much sense for fishing with smaller flies.


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