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(Fly)fishing Norway - Help needed

I'm in need of some help. I'm thinking of a fishing trip with 2 friends to Norway. I'm planning to go the end of June 2008 to [url=, the area [url= Is there anyone who can give me some advice about the fishing over there, i can't find much on the inet over that area. If anyone has other/better options please tell me, got plenty of time left until we go :D
Thanks in advance.

Allright then, in 2 weeks i'm...

Allright then, in 2 weeks i'm off with 2 friends to norway, not to the area mentioned above but the []Plahte Estate[/url]. Since I've never been this far up north in Norway i don't know what to expect. I was hoping if anyone can give me some advice on flies, especially the right sizes. Here in Holland i fish mostly with small sizes (16-20) but this seems a little small to me for Norway. Any other tips are highly appreciated, i haven't got much experience with fishing in moving water.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Koos Verhoeven
The Netherlands

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I’m going to Trysil, Norway this summer to fish in the Trysil river, asked for advise on this forum, and was given this link: Hope it will give you some help. Seems we are going to fish mostly dry flies, after advise from a guide I have made arrangements with in Trysil. Elkhair caddis and Europa 12 should be some fine flies.. Size 10-16.

Safe journey



Thanks for the information, it's a pity i don't speak any norwegian so the forumlink you gave is a little abracadabra for me :) From a ducthman living in the Hedmark region i got a list of good flies they use on the rivers Glomma and Rena, maybe it can help you too:

Super Puppan
Hook: Dry 10 – 18
Body: 2/3 Yellow
and 1/3 Dark olive
or 2/3 Olive and 1/3
Hackle: Brown,
trimmed over and

Hook: Dry 12 - 18
Wingpost: Antron, deer or
calf hair
Tail: Mixed brown and
grizzly hackle fibers
Body: Gray dubbing
Hackle: Brown and grizzly mixed

Hook: Dry 10 – 12
Body: Black dryfly
Hackle: Brown

Griffith Gnat
Hook: 14 – 18
Body: Peacock Herl
Rib: Fine Goldwire
Hackle: Grizzly or
black (variant)

Madame X
Hook: 10 – 14
Tail: Deer Hair
Body: Dryfly
Legs: Rubberlegs
black or white

CdC Caddis
Hook: 10-20
Body: CdC dubbing, olive,
brown or yellow.
Wing: CdC

Paraloop Adams
Hook: 12 – 18
Tail: White SLF
Hanks or antron

Hook: 10 – 16
Head: Gold Bead
Body: Hare mask
Rib: Gold

Cheers and have a nice vacation!


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I know, my thought was that...

I know, my thought was that maybe You could get translations via Google :D

Thx for the list of flies....


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