Published Aug 30. 2007 - 16 years ago
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Flyfishing other species

I read a lot of ineteresting stuff about flyfishing in streams and see for (sea)trout. I was wondering if there is anyone who's flyfishing for the more 'common' species like pike, carp or even bream or roach. Due to the lac of trout in my country i'm fishing on al these species, except when i go abroad :D An newer fish in our waters (the [url=]asp[/url] it is in english i believe) is a very challenging fish for anybody with a flyrod and takes a fly with explosive force.
So just wondering if anyone is after one or more of these species.

Hello Ruza,...

Hello Ruza,

Where are you from? If you go through this forum and look at the titles you will see several threads about fishing for odd species with a fly. Channel Catfish and Carp are my two best non-typical fly rod species so far.

Good luck.

Hi Esox,...

Hi Esox,

I'm from The Netherlands, looking at your nickname i assume you also fish for pike (Esox Lucius)? :)
I'm now concentrating on the asp and when the autumn is approaching the pike and perch are a good target. Tried fishing for carp a couple of times only without any result. Saw them lying on the bottom only looking at my fly (nimph) but not 1 take, very frustating :lol:

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Hi Ruza,...

Hi Ruza,
In Lithuania we also fish for rudds (Scardinius erythrophthalmus), Ides (Leuciscus idus) as you said asps,pikes and chubs.
A few times I have a great succes with rudds :roll: These fish like to eat mosquitos from the top of the water,so you can see how they hunt for your hairy dry or wet fly :)
Most interesting fishing for me was in sunny and warm evening 8)

I'm a bit further north than...

I'm a bit further north than Esox by 4 or so hours on the interstate. I would guess that chasing trout is maybe 25 % of my fly fishing. Most of the time from May through September, I'm chasing sunfish and smallmouth and largemouth bass. I will target carp when I see them feeding, so far just a couple of busted tippets there. I chase pike when I go up to Ontario, Canada on my vacation, but we have the pike's cousins, muskies, tiger muskies and chain pickeral in the local lakes and streams. Perch, yellow and white, chubs, fall fish, minnows, golden shiners are fun, American shad, river herring are fair game. Haven't tried catfish yet, but I hope to get a shot at a Snakehead come next spring. Come mid to late September, I switch to salt water, and target bluefish and striped bass through early November. There are a couple of rivers in New Jersey that have sea run brown trout, but they're few and far between. What we call a Sea Trout around here are Weakfish, which are in the croaker family. Trout(Browns and Rainbows) have become a winter, when it's warm enough and an early spring pursuit.

Sounds like a nice mixture of...

Sounds like a nice mixture of species to target Philly, plenty of choice what to catch. I should also try the salt water for a change, never done that but the seabass, mullet and mackerel should be an exciting catch during summer over here. But first I'll keep on working on my fresh water fishing, i ain't what you can call a very good flyfisherman. Started 2 years ago and still learning allthough the learning curve is slighty rising :wink:
Sarunas, i was wondering what you meant by rudds, a look at wikipedia shows me it's what we call a roach.Indeed perfect for dry fly fishing with a #3 weight on a hot summer evening. Too bad that, allthough the numbers of these fish are still rising in our waters, the size is shrinking. It's very difficult nowdays to find a rudd over 15cm in Holland :( Used to be a lot better if i can trust the stories i've heard.

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Hiya Ruza, I'm from Holland...

Hiya Ruza, I'm from Holland too, and also still rather new to flyfishing (approx. 1 year). I hear fishing for asp is just about the right time now in Holland in the large rivers. Going to try to catch one myself this weekend in the Merwede.
About mudd/roach fishing, this can still be very rewarding. Last year i caught one measuring 34,7cm on a small pheasant nimph. But unfortunately most are pretty small. :(
A friend of me does a lot of asp fishing in the IJssel, maybe he can give you some additional information on this. He is also trying to catch carp on the fly....only caught small ones though :roll:

Hiya Ruza, I'm from Holland...

[quote:a0f7f39cbb="Abraxas"]Hiya Ruza, I'm from Holland too, and also still rather new to flyfishing (approx. 1 year). I hear fishing for asp is just about the right time now in Holland in the large rivers. Going to try to catch one myself this weekend in the Merwede.[/quote:a0f7f39cbb]

Hi Abraxas, good to see i'm not the only Dutych-guy round here :)
I just landed my first asp on the fly and i recommend that you get a firm grip on your rod when fishing on them, the bites are extremely hard :D . Thought a big pike had attacked my streamer, turns out to be an 40 cm asp :shock: 8)
The Merwede is a good place to start, just go on the breakwaters with low tide and start fishing straight trough the currents in the channel when the tides is coming up.
Good luck and let me know if you had any succes.


Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands


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