Published Aug 31. 2007 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

GFF Summit: Logistics


OK people,

We're slowly getting to where the transportation issues have to be taken care of.

I am basically just initiating this, and expect you people to arrange things amongst yourselves. I suggest that people who are driving and have space annonce their spare seats here, and those in need of transportation seek for help here.

Once we are there, we will have no problems. There are plenty cars, and we will probably even leave a few in Odense in order not to drive in a too large procession when fishing. Last year's 8-10 cars were enough as it was...

Personally I will not announce any seats. My car is full up as it is, and think I have enough other things to care about. So the Joergensen shuttle service is not an option.

So let's hear it: who has spare seats and who needs one - and when and from where?




I'm looking for a lift from Slagelse to Odense friday afternoon, around 1600 hrs.

If nobody can spare me a seat, I'll probably drive myself and will have two spare seats for anybody wanting a lift from somewhere near Slagelse. But lets see if that becomes an issue.

Kind regards.


fly in to summit...

Hi folks,
We will drive to Odense by car from Hamburg on Friday noon I expect. As it seems we will have one seat available for somebody who needs a lift Hamburg - Odense.

Place a post or send a reply to me by mail to arrange everything further.


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Hi fellow summit attendants,
I am in need of a lift from Copenhagen to Odense in order to make it for the now annual GFF summit. I would prefer morning or noon departure, in order to be able to do a bit of fishing on Friday, but I am open for other options, as long as the destination is Kragsbjergvej 121 Odense M on Friday the 21st of September.

If you are in possession of an empty seat and in need of someone to work the maps, please feel free to let me know.

Looking forward to see you all at the summit,

Hi, I'm driving from...

Hi, I'm driving from Dianalund (vestern part of sealand) friday morning in order to do some fishing on the way to Odense. I have place for one more, so send me a mail or write in here if you want the seat 8)
Regards Jesper

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Davenport Shuttle......

I agree with Martin.
Please keep the transport down to a minimum as we are driving and using the facilities at the Wedellsborg Royal Estate.
There is an abundance of deer and other wild animals so driving is to be kept to an absolute minimum. No exceptions, and no empty seats in any cars.
The estate is owned by the Count Bendt Wedell and is supervised by the game-keeper and forest rangers who are aware of our invasion.
We will drive through as a group and leave as a group.

1 place in my car is booked and that leaves 3 seats.
I live on Fyn (Wedellsborg), so shuttling is: to-and-from the hostel in Odense.
First come first serve.


We are two people that are in...

We are two people that are in need of lift from kopenhagen to odense both friday and sunday (ofcourse we could go by bus) and we will be depending on fellow attenders kindness of letting us co-ride in some car around the summit.
best regards Fredrik


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