Published Dec 20. 2006 - 17 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Glassbead Perletand Polystickle


Hi there!

I tried a new dimension of flies to fill my boxes. The using of glassbeads was an idea from a friend, and i was surprised how simple to do.

Here is one of the first flies, a variant of the good old polystickle. It is tied on a Hayabusa Black Nickel Size 6 to catch in sweet and salt everything that seems to be interested.

Try the Polystickle, its easy, looks ok and it catches!

Best wishes, Ostsee-Silber

Grant Banes's picture

Great looking fly, would love...

Great looking fly, would love to see a recipe for it.

Hi Grant, thank you! The...

Hi Grant, thank you! The recipe is coming soon, i ll try to do it pm today. Kindest regards, Mirko

Perletand Polystickle, the...

Perletand Polystickle, the recipe:

Hook: Hayabusa Size 6 (long shank), or VMC Special Mer 9146 NI, or Gamakatsu LS-50113F, sizes 10 to 2 (sizes as you like)
Yarn: Black 6/0
Tail: synthetic bass, or for more attraction in stillwater black marabou
Body: here perls in pearl and one in red as the hitpoint
Body Hackle: non
Wing: synthetic bass
Head: black yarn 6/0 or a black conehead
Front hackle: orange or red hot.

After tying the tail I cut the yarn and fix the first perl with a little bit epoxy.

When using marabou instead of the synthetic bass, you have to tie the tail and lay the marabou later as a wing to the head. Or use marabou only for tail and cut the synthetic bass below.

You can change the colours of the perls as you like, maybe a brown shining polystickle as natural? Or some blue perls with one red perl and a white bass as a little herring?

My perls are 4 mm diameter and have a 2 mm boring. When buying some perls you should have some hooks in your pocket :wink:

Before using a conehead for this fly try out its weight. The perls bring their own weighting.

Great fly, though I'm...

Great fly, though I'm wondering if I could get permission from yourself to change the silver/transparent beads for gold transparent beads, it would represent a small brownie perfectly.

Back to the tying table........

...something like that...?......

...something like that...?...

I dont have golden pearls, but some different brown. Instead of the poly material i used saltwater yak hair in this fly. Trying again :wink:


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