Published Oct 25. 2006 - 17 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Greetings from BC Canada, again

Greetings all, I have been rather busy since I returned from DK back in June. We've been busy doing youth fishing camp, website work, and the odd fishing trips this summer back here. ;)

My thanks once again go to Martin, Kim, Ripley, Steve and Bill for a wonderful trip to Southern Jutland even though we came up fishless on the first day. I did manage to connect with a couple of brown trout up north after we left you guys. :) Here is a brief video clip of what happened.

Back in May, I asked a few of you regarding garfish. Thank you for the advice once again, I ended up doing well in a couple of outings. Here is a clip of my frustrating hookset. ;)

Back in the summer, we did a flyfishing trip to the Thompson River for rainbow trout in BC. For those of you who are interested in fishing in BC, you may want to mix in a couple of days of dryfly fishing with the salmon fishing in September. The trout range between 40 and 55cm in length, fantastic on a 4/5wt. You can either dead drift a big stonefly nymph for them, or dry flyfish for them in early mornings and late evenings. Here are some photos. :)


Our fall salmon season has been delayed by mother nature, it is just slowly picking up now. Overall, we are not expecting a big return of coho salmon this year. Here is a coho salmon that I connected with a few weeks ago.


Anyways, I am scheduled to be in DK once again from December 5th to February 6th. I plan to do a bit of pike fishing, a bit of perch fishing, and maybe a bit of sea trout fishing. Accepting free pointers now. :lol: I hope you're all enjoying the fall weather.

Best regards,

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Nice pics...


Good to hear from you! Got your mail, but my laptop decided to break down on me, so I never got around to answer.

Good to see that you're doing well and the fishing is good to you and Nina.

Let's get together when you come to Denmark again. Pike sounds fine unless there's ice on the lakes...


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Hey Martin, so I am scheduled...

Hey Martin, so I am scheduled to arrive in a week from now, and I have been watching the daily temperature of Copenhagen very closely. ;) It is rather warm! :D

Vancouver on the other hand, has been going through what most of you saw in the movie "The Day after Tomorrow".

Since my last post, we were greeted by multiple days of heavy rainfall after five months of drought. In Chilliwack, where many of you have fished, they received over 100mm of rain in 24 hours! The watershed was completely flooded and many houses were damaged. As a result, this has further created another barrier for our returning salmon, which have not been many this season.

[url=]Photos of the flood![/url]

Chum salmon are typically shallow spawners so the flood pushed most chums onto trails and roads. We performed a chum rescue mission... ;)


Over 100 chums were netted and returned to the main channel.

This weekend, we are experiencing the earliest winter snow storm since 1975. :roll: Since last night, 30cm of snow has fallen.

As you can see, I have not fished since late October! :o Time to get some perch and pike. ;)

I'll send you an email when I arrive in DK.

Cheers all.

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hi guys, should you do some fishing on Sealand over the weekends, I´d love to join you as long as it is not a "private ride" :D


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