Published Feb 17. 2010 - 10 years ago
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Help for a summer trip, perhaps southern Norway

Hello all. I am new to membership at GFF, but have been sneakily reading your excellent articles and salivating over the beautiful photos for a long while.

A friend of mine and I will be flying to Scandanavia from the United States this summer, likely into Oslo, and tripping down to Copenhagen over 4 or 5 days for a conference. We were wondering if you good people could recommend a fishing locale -- mountains and rivers, preferably, We like the look of the country in the hills of southern Norway from photos and online pages, but first-hand advice would be immensely valuable.

No honey holes, of course. We just need the lay of the land, some good rivers to try, perhaps a good Bed and Breakfast or direction on basic accommodation suitable to two fishing bums with gear and a taste for beer.

Many, many thanks, and feel free to PM as well.


Hi, Jon,...

Hi, Jon,

One of the rivers you should check if you are in south-east Norway in the area around Oslo is the river Glomma. It is well known for char-fishing and for trouts as well. A 9´ #5 will do a proper job in that case.
Depending on the season you will also have a good chance to go for sea-bass on the coast. 9´ or 9,6´ #7 will be an allround-solution for that. Check the web for "Runar Kabbe", he´s the man for that business.
And last but not least, summer is great for salmon fishing, no doubt. You have a lot of chances for that in Norway as well as if you travel down the swedish west coast.

Cheers, Frank


Fly-Only: thanks very much for your suggestions. I'm looking at info on the Glomma now.

How easy is it to gain access to the smaller streams that I can see everywhere on maps of Norway? We had contemplated renting a car and trying to find small, out-of-the way waters, but I understand that most everything is private in Norway. Here in the States, I'm accustomed to finding public water to fish, but I believe things will be different in Europe.

We will be there in the last two weeks of July.

Thanks again!


Hi, Jon....

Hi, Jon.

In general it is easy to get access to the smaler waters as well. But "small" is relative and a thing of definition. What I can say is that the average size of trout here in South-Norway is small! Don´t know if it´s just a matter of fishing preasure or maybe because the feeding-period and environment is different here. Maybe both. In fact fishing in more secluded regions is surely more promesing, I guess.

Well, so far as I know you don´t need to pay for every water here. But in detail just a fishing shop in the area you will travel to can give you precise advise about that.

You need to pay an anual fee, that´s for sure:

Cheers, Frank

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don´t forget the lakes. Many fish the ittle ponds and lakes around Oslo and further up. The Gloma and Rena are great, Glomma also for it´s Grayling fishing.

When are you coming? We have a fly fishing gathering in Elverum, right by the Glomma. The happening is taking place on June 19 & 20. I think this is an excellent chance of getting to know some locals and hear one or the other great tip.

Thank you!...

Thanks to all for your thoughtful responses. The options are numerous, almost intimidatingly so. One thing is for sure: we won't be bothered by small fish sizes -- we're mostly out to have a good time. We will be there the last two weeks of July though, so I'm sorry to say we'll miss the gathering, but thank you kindly for the invitation.

I'm going to keep doing some research and see if I can narrow things down. I have plenty of new ideas thanks to your posts!


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too bad a bout the June meeting. However, make sure to drop me a not once in the area. Maybe we find a time to have a fish together.

I am not Norwegian, but have...

I am not Norwegian, but have been over there a few times.
1. permits are generally easy to get, but you also need a yearly licence (from any post office).
2. Check the price of car hire before going....its horrendous!
3. Check the price of beer ina bar / restaurant.....yep you guesses, its horrendous!
4. At lkeast the fishing is relativley cheap! Keith.


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