Published Sep 7. 2007 - 12 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Just another Danish Hybrid for sea run browns



Tree month ago I moved back to Denmark after spending most of my adult life abroad, and as I didn’t bring all my stuff back at once (fly tying kit etc) I bought one of those fly tying starter kits available.

Disappointed to discover that the kit did not contain the materials I needed to tie any of my favorite patterns, I created some patterns of my own. One of them has proven to be quite successful down at my local river, who has a population of very spooky Sea runs. Last month I managed to catch two (and lost one), while learning to fish this Slow moving Sea land River. Got some browns, and a Perch on it as well.

The first fly I tired from my new kit, was a hair variant of the well known Danish fly
For Sea runs, the Johannes (hybrid of a Coachman and a red tag)), I used it for some trips, but didn’t get anything on it.

So I got back to the wise and mixed up tree different fly patterns, the Johannes, Mallard and claret, and tied it rat wise (like Rusty rat from the Rat series), and a Poor mans Rat was born.

Hook: Salmon fly size 8-6
Tag: Red fluorescent wool
Body: 1/2 gold tinsel, 1/2 claret or dark brown seal fur sub
Rib: Embossed gold tinsel
Wing: dark brown fox tail (or sub)
Hackle: Dark brown hen (or sub)
Head: Red varnish

Traditionally in Denmark, Sea runs are caught on local patterns like Johannes, and the KrogsgÂrd series, who all has the hackle tied in after the wing, just like rusty rat.

I fish the fly traditionally, casting to the opposite bank, let it flow to own bank, then strip it in. All fish took at daytime by stripping in the line in the slow moving current.



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A very good looking fly! Sometimes frugality can be a help...


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My danish fly stroke again...

My danish fly stroke again yesterday,( in f..... stormy weather), ca 500 m from where my local river runs into the sea. Not really sure if this fish is spawner, or if it was just sneaking around the river opening. Anyway I relased it, and hope that this fish now have the knowlege to avoid attacks from the many spin fishermen upstream.



NB. Not really Fishporn what I am presenting here, but I was quite stressed by operating the catch and my my NIkon D70 at the same time ;)


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