Published Jun 25. 2007 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Jan 6. 2016

Kai's secret Flies


Hello to you GFF Hangarounds

Last year i managed to take a pic of Kai's most secret flybox - i promished him not to show it in GFF - so here you are.

Looking forward to see you all again!


ALARM - Das Fly!!!...


Am I not mistaken, but are those flies attached to some sort of propeller blades?

I have some questions...

Is Kai hoping to launch them or fire them?
Are they homing flies or wire guided?
What is the range?
Do they come with full safety's? We wouldn't want the flies coming back at us?

The plot thickens...



Kai's secret revealed....

I managed to get a hold of the secret Kai fly.
This an actual copy of the fly that Kai used and Kai is pictured holding and priming the fly.
Les is seen observing (right) and is said to have "sold" a blueprint of the fly to an unknown source.
Investigations are currently being carried to find out if this fly named "GFF '06" will be used to further Kai's catch rating at the next GFF summit.
Les refused to comment.

Mr Scripts
Fly Daily Post


This is totally untrue.

If the design of your fly has leaked out is was not through this source, as I have not and would not sell details of our secret fish-seeking missile - except for a very large sum of money. Or, perhaps, a Sage rod.

Mercifully - now the secret is out - this model is obsolete, as you have now tied up version V26.412.007. I should have the printed circuit boards ready for the next production run by Sunday.

Looking forward to trying it out in September.

Kai Nolting's picture

Good friends,...

Good friends,

coming home from a week full of work what do I have to see?
My first tied prototype propeller flies are published on the GFF-site.
And if that’s not enough, a faked photo of my advanced GFFsummit-Fly 07, too.
Written under a pseudonym of cause!

Sometimes I need a last kick and right now it’s time for a brand new invention.

Forget fly fishing with all that stuff you need before (rod, reel, line …).

Using my fly you need nothing else than this fly. It’s chasing seatrouts, cods and all kind of fish chip-controlled and mind-affected.
You can get some in a natural look too with rubber legs, eyes, etc.
See the picture.

But not only that. The one with the odd name “Henning” is also able to chase fly fisher on the beach who (for example) couldn’t hold secrets.
The invention is not already closed, so I have to do some previous field studies in Denmark in September.

So, if you hear a humming sound in your back, you’ll know it’s time to move!

I’m keen to come to Denmark for the fine tuning.

Hope to see you all again


Henning Eskol's picture

Sure killer fly...

Hi Kai

Wow what a fly - it´s a sure killerpattern.
Please tie a handfull for me.
Then I never post pic of your flies again - promise...



Great picture Kai.
What fly did you catch it on?! :D

Really funny picture. One worthy of a :wink:

The heat is on...


Kai Nolting's picture

Special fly Mod. Henning...

Hi Henning,

I have already tied the pictured one for you.
Please, read the text about the field studies again.
Believe me, you are one of the most important person in my project! :shock:

By the way, can you tell me what your top speed is? 8)

Are you out for seatrouts this weekend?



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