Published Mar 14. 2010 - 14 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Kasserermaur - treasurers ant



I just had a brilliant weekend tying flies at Villmarksliv in Hamar. I was invited to be at the stand of the Hedmarks Flyfishing club. Very, very nice people. I felt quite humbled tying next to such skilled people like Terje and having Vidar Steimler right behind me making bamboo rods. Mine is on the way and I cant wait to have a real Steimler rod. Might take a while though. These things don´t fall from the plastic tree.

The big thing in the waters around Oslo is "ants". I have been thinking about this for the last few month since I heard so much about it. However, the existing patterns did not exactly fit my taste. I remembered what my pal Eric from Reno kept mentioning about Ralph Cutters perfect ant. A brilliant design in his own right, but me and the clubs Kasserer wanted legs over hackle. We agreed that instinct driven creatures do react on such features / triggers.

So here you go — the Kasserermaur (maur = ant) was born. It was a bit hard to find black deer hair, but we were lucky and found some at a stand around the corner had some.


Hook: Mustad R30
Thread: Gordon Griffiths 14/0
upper body: deer hair
underbody: ice dub
legs: deer hair

Notes: fly sinks very slowly when untreated and stays in the film when treated.

Looks a million bucks to me ... and is rather simple to tie.


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nice looking fly t.z. simple...

nice looking fly t.z. simple for you maybe :) but I think I will give it a shot

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nice looking fly t.z. simple...

[quote:e3adecc2ed="Glenn Parkin"]nice looking fly t.z. simple for you maybe :) but I think I will give it a shot[/quote:e3adecc2ed]

Here´s how you do it - in case you wonder - after laying a thread base tie in a small bunch of deer hair by the eye and cover with thread going backwards to the hook bend at about opposite to the barbe point. Form a ball shape body segment with dubbing and fold the deer hair forwards. Secure with 2 or 3 wraps, fold 3 or 4 hair fibres backwards and keep tying the rest of deer hair forward by covering with thread. Repeat the process - dubbing and folding over - with just less dubbing so you get a smaller segment. Check some Ant pics or the real things in your area.They vary in proportions. Whip finish under the deer hair so a bunch extends over the hook eye. The rest is trimming with scissors and crushing the legs a bit.

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That is a very interesting...

That is a very interesting ANT. I think they will do nicely in my lake box... :D



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