Published Dec 22. 2007 - 15 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

New film release from us. TROUT BUM 3 - ICELAND

Hi. [b:b413a65a44]TROUT BUM 3 - ICELAND [/b:b413a65a44]is on its way! The guys say it'll be ready and released march 2008! Some pretty spectacular char and brown trout fishing from the undiscovered highlands on Iceland in here.
View the trailer (Norwegian version) [url][/url] (You [i:b413a65a44]have[/i:b413a65a44] to learn Norwegian :D ).

The first film [b:b413a65a44]TROUT BUM - FLYFISHING AS A WAY OF LIFE [/b:b413a65a44]filmed in 2001, was a huge success in magazine reviews and the start of everything.
This is the third film. More feeling than ever. EDIT: And I have to admit, even if I regularily fish the northern parts of Norway, and know many of them well, Iceland hammered me with personal records both when it comes to char and brownes...

All the best from André, with a #2 rod and a 6 pound char.

Thank you very much for the...

Thank you very much for the information André :wink:

I watched Ørretboms 2 and i will watch the third part now !

I think after the Ørretboms 3 movie i will take the next airplane to there :lol:

Best Regards

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Nice footage André, looks...

Nice footage André, looks like you guys had a lot of fun up there.
This sure brought back a lot of good memories, can't wait to see the whole film.

Hard to come up with reasons not to move back...
P.s. Where was the first part of the trailer shot?

Thanks, guys. Jepp, we've got...

Thanks, guys. Jepp, we've got some very fine footage from both up in the highlands and down in the small river with the big browns, and other different locations on our trips. And that's all because of the two cameramen.

The first char location on the trailer must be one of the worlds best places for char.

Here's a photo from a fantastic brown trout river aswell.
Iceland has some hidden secrets that is nothing but amazing when it comes to trout and char. I've never been enjoying a film like this before - as the fisherman.


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Hi André, yes Iceland has...

Hi André, yes Iceland has a lot of gems, some well hidden and remote and often vulnerable to too much fishing pressure (I have seen some sad examples).

The reason for asking about the first char location, is that in this short clip it reminded me a lot of a river, famous for salmon fishing in it's valley, that I have fished a few times in the highland (although it's much too long since I've been there).

Hi. No samlon in that river....

Hi. No samlon in that river.

Hi again André :D ...

Hi again André :D

I heard you used an OPTI Creek #2 line and rod in Island for the trouts :shock:
is it true?

Best Regards

Hi. No, I used the Loop Opti...

Hi. No, I used the Loop Opti Creek #2 for the char :)
And a Opti Stream #4 and 7 for the trout.

Now, finally, those guys in...

Now, finally, those guys in Team Trout Bum have produced an English version. :shock:


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