Published Jan 1. 2007 - 16 years ago
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Norwegian Saltwater Fishing on rocky shores

Hi everybody and a happy new year at first!

I would like to read your meanings about saltwaterfishing for pollack, coalfish and other norwegian fish.

Since 3 years I use only one fly in different forms, but every time in the colours yellow-orange. These flies gave me a lot of fish, but I am looking for the perfect pattern and the perfect tying.

My flies on the fotos are made with polar fibre, the heads are secured with epoxy and a bit of glitter, with or without an extra conehead. Both flies goes like a jig, that's maybe the way to have success.

I fish the flies with a scandinavian saltwater shooting head and a 10 feet fast sinking polyleader to bring the fly deeper, the leader is 10 feet long too.
The fishing is simple, after a long cast you can hope for a coalfish or a seatrout (or mackerel and garfish in the season) and when the fly is coming near the rocky shore you should hold your rod good, cause that’s the sick room of many nice and sturdy pollacks.

Patterns like a surf candy or simular are even good, but the yellow-orange is better. For many years I used a spinning rod and a Gladsax in yellow-orange, it catched like no other and so I searched for matching polar fibre. My wife use only the orange-yellow Gladsax actually!

On the picture you can see what a pollack mostly eat, small, no, very small fish. The pollack on the foto had 72 centimeters.

Orange-yellow is a very good mix for sweetwater too, I catched pike, pikeperch and lake trouts with it.

Thank you for every good recipe! :lol:

Picture 2...

Picture 2

Sorry, a problem with the...

Sorry, a problem with the fotos :?

Hi, nice flies and they...

Hi, nice flies and they should work well for Norwegian SWFF. But to be honest, I've found white and charteuse flies, wolly buggers, various shrimp flies and a few black muddlers will cover pretty much all of your needs.

The white and charteuse covers the herring/sardines
Wolly Buggers cover lug and ragworms
Shrimps obviously shrimps
and black muddlers can't be beaten at night worked on a floating line.

I use a floater at night and intermediate and lead sinker during the day. This will cover all of your SWFF needs in Norway :P

Hi Wiggy,...

Hi Wiggy,

mange takk for your answering!

An englishman living in Mandal - lucky you! I am every year fishing the last three weeks of the season at mandal, mostly zone 4. But 2006 all of the catched brownies and small salmons had parasites, nematodes. My wife don’t like it…
At this year I will try in june the Tovdalselva near Arendal. There are a lot of very nice waters for brownies too in the region Birkeland, maybe you know a good water for pike there?

For saltwater I have tried the most of your flies, the white wooley buggers catched some nice pollacks and seatrouts, but when the water was clear and still I only had luck with the orange-yellows.

A dark black wooley bugger brought me a lot of fine cods at the beach of Spangereid and at the Lindesnes Fyr, it worked very well at the evening on a floating line. But the last two years I didn't catch any cod there, maybe too much fishing?

I saw a lot of people while beachfishing at Spangereid with worms and pieces of herring, there cannot be many fish anymore! :(

This year I'm starting a...

This year I'm starting a guiding service, so if you would like any guiding let me know.

During the winter I SWFF mostly sea trout and cod, then in the spring it's trout in the lowland and as it warms up I start fishing in the mountains. The obviously salmon fishing during the season. I'm lucky ebough to be married to a norweigan girl who's family owns some of the Mandalselva, so I fish for free!

If you like trout, I can recommend you have a day with me. I've discovered some lakes where the average size is roughly 1kg and upto 2-3kg both brown trout and brook trout. The biggest that was caught this year in a net was 7kg! and that's a brownie.

Otherwise I'm currently finding out about the arctic char in the area.

As regards the SWFF, cod fishing is best during the winter/spring. Now the sea is full of them, almost a hassle as they take the fly before the sea trout do!

I'm not really well known in Tovdalselva, but from Søgne to lindesnes, I'm very well known.

If you want anymore tips, just ask.

That would be nice, thank you...

That would be nice, thank you!

My biggest trout from norway was 3 kilo, catched 2003 on the isle Bømlo at the west coast. The boat was for repair so I had to use a spinning rod - sorry :oops:

The best "pattern" was a Mepps, again sorry for the ugly ugly, but it worked well :twisted: Maybe somebody have an idea to tie this colours into a trout streamer?

Wiggy, I heared from some arctic char at the region Birkeland, Arendal, but nothing special yet. Pike and perch too, I must try it out.

There's big pike around...

There's big pike around Grimstad. This summer there was caught a new unconfirmed record pike of 18kg from Rorevatnet. This is quite a popular place for pike FF and it's stuffed full of pike!

As regards arctic char in that area, well I've no idea. I'm best known in this area of Norway and up in the mountains where I work.

Hi Wiggy,...

Hi Wiggy,

where "up in the mountains" do you live? Maybe i have been there :?:

My last stand for Mandal FF was in Eikerapen, a ski camp. There is a very big lake and i catched a lot of good brownies near the Skjerka electricity. Its fine to have a belly boat on this lake.
But be careful while evening driving, there are a lot of elks coming to drink :o

Well I live in Mandal (Norway...

Well I live in Mandal (Norway's most southerly town), and work in Kyrkjebydga, Åseral which is the village at the end of that lake you described which is called Ørevatn. I've fished this lake a few times but only have caught small ones due to the over population in the lake.

Better places are in the two rivers that flow into the lake and in the mountain lakes of Ljosland. In the rivers I've caught brownies of 2.3kg and 2.6kg but have seen bigger and in Ljosland upto 1kg both brownies and brookies, though there are fish much much bigger up there including big arctic char. I'm very well known in this area, and it's one of the best areas for fishing I know.

Eikerapen is where I go skiing and regularly collect patients that have either concussion or factures!

As regards moose or 'elg', well there's loads of them. My brother-in-law wrote-off his car two days ago due to hitting a moose, which just missed his head whilst it procceded to go through the car!


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