Published Nov 29. 2007 - 12 years ago
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Norwegian summer


Comming June I hope to be traveling to Norway for my summer holidays. I will be touring with my girlfriend for about 3 weeks. Between hicking and relaxing I hope to be doing a great deal of fishing.
Since I am not familiar with fishing in Norway I do not know what the insect life is all about. Of course my box will be filled with Klinkhamers, Seges, BWO, blue duns etc. But what I want to know is stoneflies and all those larger creepy crawlers. Are they abundant in the rivers?what sizes and regular colors etc?Is there a good site with entmological informatiopn about Norway?
Tanks for your help



A little outdated but nevertheless a very usefull site is I don't know where you are going in Norway (south, midel etc) but i've been to the southern regions the end of May this year and caught a couple of nice trout on a black/red montana. Of course you should also carry a couple of pheasant tail nimphs with you but i quess you already have them ready and waiting. I talked to a local in the Evje region (Setesdal) and he told me that not the fly but the presentation is often the biggest issue. That was a little bit of a problem to me because i ain't the best caster around (at least not yet ;)) When you go to this area just message me, maybe i can help you a little bit further.



Hi Brian,...

Hi Brian,

if you're in the very south of Norway, drop me a line and I can show you some good places.

Otherwise when it comes to flies, daddy long legs, f-fly, parachaute grey duster, various goldheads and some montanas will cover your every need. Personally I catch 80% of my dry caught fish on a daddy.

As regards entomological info, most of it's in Norwegian, and I guess that's little help to you. If you could tell me exactly where you'll be going, I can try and find out some info.

Regards, Ryan.

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Hello Wiggy,...

Hello Wiggy,
thank you for your quick reply. For sure I will be traveling to the river Glomma. A friend of mine is buying a summer house up there and hopefully i can visit him at his new place this summer. Furthermore some nice grayling over the 40+ is a goal aswell as catching a PR trout (isn't that difficult since it stands at 37cm, lol) I am planning a 3 week trip.
Of course i'll be taking loads of nymphs and dries with me but I was curious about using stoneflies aswell for deep pools and large fish. In the belgium ardennes or rivers in the Eifel I do not really use them so the size and colouration is unfamilliar to me.

If you find out roughly where...

If you find out roughly where on the Glomma you'll be fishing, then I can give you better answer regarding fly choice.

I'm not sure as to how you'll be getting over to Norway, but there goes ferries from Denmark both to the south and the east. If you take the one to the south, eg Kristiansand, I'm 40 min west from here.

which part of the Glomma are...

which part of the Glomma are you going to? Anywhere near Elverum?

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I think I will be near the...

I think I will be near the town of Koppang that's on road 30 or somewhere near that area i guess. Do any of you know of little campins around that area that are really worth visiting. I know Koppang Camping is in hands of a Dutch couple, but staying with locals is much more fun.

Here's some pictures from the...

Here's some pictures from the glomma near koppang:-

More pictures:-

It seems to be full of grayling with a few brownies. Popular flies from what I've read seem to be the normal grayling flies e.g. parachute dries, PTN's, czech nymphs etc. Good allround flies seem to be Red Tag, Black Gnat. All flies in various sizes from 12 to 18.

As regards camping, there's Koppang Camping. Here's the website in dutch!

There, you should have everything you need now!


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