Published May 31. 2006 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

South Danish stream recommendations


I'll be going to the Southern part of Denmark to do some stream fishing in a little less than a couple of weeks.

Any recommendations regarding streams to savour?

We will be staying in a B&B near Kongeaaen, but there are many other locations within driving distance, and we're willing to try other streams too.

If anybody wants to join, I'll be fishing with three other guys, one of them Rod from who has been posting here quite a lot lately.


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Fishing with the "In Crowd"...

Hi Martin,

Count me in. I'd love to join up with the "In Crowd".
When exactly are you planning venturing this far west?

Depending what your after, I know plenty of places. The E. Danica is on and has been for a week. H. Sulphurea is also kicking. Not sure about the E. Danica situation next week, though from experience a few late arrivals will bloom.
Just returned from a tough five days guiding. Danica is exploding but wish I could the same about the rising...?
Still, connected with plenty of browns and fat grayling but not (the larger of the species), on dry fly. Czech nymphing took them.

Looking forward to hooking up with you...Let me know.
Give me a call if you like...

Rip Van Waders Leak Big Time.

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I am pretty excited about...

I am pretty excited about this upcoming trip. Being very novice in flyfishing, I'm looking forward to pick up some tips on dry fly and casting techniques. I do a lot of filming and video features on my website, so I will be bringing my HD video camera along to capture some action shots. :) Maybe some video clips would be useful additions to GFF and Distant Streams. :wink:

Nina and I will be staying with you guys on Thursday and Friday night, so we'll be fishing with you on Friday and part of Saturday. Are the streams also open to spincasting with spinners? Nina can only spin fish. On Saturday afternoon we plan to head up to AQUA, and visit a friend around the area. :)

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Hi Rodney,

Spinners are fine.
Most Danish rivers and streams permit the use of spinners / lures / wobblers.
Although, I would re-consider replacing the treble hooks / double hooks for single ones?

Trebles do way to much damage to fish and I see no sense in using them. Arguements always lean towards the excuse "I don't want to lose fish". :shock:
Really? :?
Try telling them to use a single size 24 barbless? :wink:

Looking forward to meeting up.


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Thanks Ripley. Yep, single...

Thanks Ripley. Yep, single barbless all the way. ;) In BC, where I do most of my freshwater fishing, treble hooks are banned from moving waters (rivers) and only single barbless hooks are permitted. Personally I have not found a difference between hook-up and landing success between singles and trebles since I stopped using trebles over ten years ago.


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The day at the river......

Martin, Rodney, Kim, Nina, Bill and Steve thanks for a great relaxing but hot and sweaty day at the river! Dam rainbows...
Let's do it again sometime but please remember the icy cold bohemia style beers next time!

Tights and twines

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Thanks Ripley! It was...

Thanks Ripley! It was definitely a great trip and thank you, Steve, Martin, Kim and Bill for showing Nina and I some beautiful Danish spring streams. :) It was too bad Nina and I only stayed for a day, we really enjoyed the bed and breakfast (and found out Martin can also cook!). That first evening, Bill and I returned to the bridge and found a bunch of fish rising in front of us. We managed to lost just about all our hook-ups. :cry:

Nina and I spent Saturday afternoon at Aqua, which was definitely well worth it. We then went up to Simested River and managed to connect with a few small brown trout. :)

Hopefully next summer we can repeat this again. ;)


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