Published Jul 3. 2006 - 16 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Stimualtor Pattern variation


This is a stimulator pattern I picked up off of LeRoy Hyatt's TV show. He calls it the Exciter. I tried it out on opening day of streams and rivers here. I fished the Cottonwood River and caught 8 Rainbows between 8-14 inch, not a bad day for that river.

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Here's a fishy caught on that...

Here's a fishy caught on that Stimulator out of the Quesnel River on July 4th

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Nice fish!...


Those are really nice fish! Seems like a good pattern.


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Thanx Martin...

Thanx Martin

Should have posted the recipe:

Hook: Mustad 94831 long shank dry, size 10 to 6 (size 8 shown above)
Tail: Elk cow body hair and 2 strand crystal flash each side
Body: Golden stone antron dubbing
body hackle: grizzle or brown
under-wing: 4 strands crystal flash
over-wing: elk cow body hair
head: bright orange sparkle dubbing
front hackle: grizzle or brown

I alter body and head colours also:

salmon pink for both

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I tried the pattern with...

I tried the pattern with bleached Elk hair and I think it will also work as a hopper pattern not just an adult stonefly.

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Stimulator/Dropper Combo...

Stimulators make an outstanding part of a dry/dropper combination. All the hair makes it float like a cork. Add a bead-head or stonefly nymph 2 feet or so below the stimulator.

If you tie in a small loop of hard, strong mono underneath the tail, it gives you an anchor point to tie a dropper on. Add your dropper with a loop-to-loop connection.

A stimulator/dropper rig has proven effective quite a few times for me, but usually in riffles or pocket water that is 3-6 feet deep. It's also a good choice when the water is up a little bit higher and cloudy, such as a tailwater in the winter or any stream after a good hard rain.


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I've never used a dropper rig...

I've never used a dropper rig before. We're not allowed to use a rig like that here, single barbless hooks in all our rivers and streams in this province. I have no dought that the rig would work very well with these patterns though, too bad I'll never get to use it...... :wink:


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