Published Sep 4. 2006 - 14 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

washing breathable waders

Hi guys

i read martins recent article on breathable waders:

i note from his article and many other avialble on the net and other sources that the key to performance is to keep your waders clean

my 2 year old Chotas are now starting to 'wet out' and i want to clean them to restore their properties

has anyone done this?
any clues, hints, tips?
The attached boot foots with incorporated fleece and neoprene linings concerns me



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I am also very interested in any experiences concerning washing and cleaning of breathables. From what I've heard it is important to follow the instructions on the garment. So, when the day comes, I will throw my Vision Extreme waders in the washing machine, 40 degrees C, as it says so in the lining. I have talked to people who have done it, with good results.
However it is important not to use an ordinary washing detergent. Instead a special formula washing powder for "functional garments" (breathables) is required. Sold in most outdoor shops, at breathtaking prices. The washing machine can also be used to re-impregnate the waders, in the rinsing process.
But, as I said, these are not first hand experiences, just my input.
And no matter how cool it looks when the waders are really worn and dirty, the truth is that clean waders work the best.


/ c.j.

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I also have Vision Extreme waders.
Unfortunately in Lithuania I had never seen special formula washing powder :(
Is there another possibility to wash breathable waders wothout special powder :?: :?

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well the advice i have been...

well the advice i have been given so far is to wash them in a bath using a pure washing powder (no fabric softener etc)
scrub them lightly using a soft sponge inside and out
once very clean rinse extremely well
when totally dry give them a very a very light iron on the coolest setting, which should 'reset' the anti-absorbancy properties
after a few times owashing like this a product such as revive-x shoudl be used

as noted above, clean is best!

haven't tried it yet
but will next weekend


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i should also note - chotas...

i should also note - chotas do NOT have any care instructions on the garment, or on their website!!



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