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Where to fish in Denmark - Spring 2013

We're a group of Norwegians and one english guy that are looking to fish for sea trout in the spring next year. We'll be travelling down from Kristiansand via Hirtsals.

My question is where are the best places to fish in Denmark? We'll be driving down, and don't mind travelling a bit to get to a good and relatively cheap place to fish for a long weekend.

I've heard alot about Bornholm, but we're looking for something a little closer. Better to use our free time fishing then driving for hours on end.

I'll be greatful for all tips and you're more than welcome to use PM, if you want to keep you're tips relatively secret.

I would consider Fyn, there...

I would consider Fyn, there are plenty of good spots and literature. The tackle shop Go Fishing in Odense is a good starting point,

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I can only agree with Florian. Fyn (Funen) is a good bet, and western Fyn will allow you to fish both the north, west and south coasts of Fyn and have easy access to the eastern part of Jylland (Jutland).

There are lots of good locations and a ton of information to be had from shops, books and even onlne.

Here's a link with an online map and an excellent book with Fyn fishing spots. [url][/url]


Thanks for your replies so...

Thanks for your replies so far.

The only thing that I'm reserved towards, is that Fyn is very commercialised. Lots of fishers and overrated due to clever marketing and media exposure?!

I've been doing a lot of research on my own on both norwegian and danish websites/forums, and I have come up with a couple of alternatives. Limfjorden seems to be able to offer alot of varied fishing environments plus good fishing and samsø like a mini bornholm, but just as far to travel.

What are your thoughts around these two?

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No areas in Denmark can in any way be called commercialized.

Fyn might have more tourists fishing due to central placement (in Denmark) and easy access (especially from Germany) and massive marketing, but in general you will be able to find kilometer after kilometer of excellent and undisturbed water.
Stay off the most well known and often crowded spots like Fyns Hoved, Stavrs Hoved, most of Langeland and several other "hot spots" and seek out your own places mainly by walking. There is a lot of really nice and "unknown" stretches all around the island.

I only have little experience with Limfjorden. Good fishing can be had up there, but I have been fishing there a couple of times with little luck even though it looked very nice. But it's close to you (short drive) and has a ton of really undisturbed water, and I'll bet you some great fishing can be had in the area and you are destined to have almost all spots to yourself since few Danes and almost no tourists fish this fairly remote area.

Samsø is fantastic and definitely worth visiting. It's closer to you than Bornholm, but still a much longer drive and a ferry away. But the island is beautiful, very varied and with some really good fishing. I have been there and it really is a nice place with a lot of good places to fish. Crowds are limited due to the traveling distance.

Hope this helps you.


Well it's been finalised, our...

Well it's been finalised, our choice has gone for Mors in Limfjorden. As you say Martin, it doesn't see much fishing pressure and by all accounts, we've got a good chance of seeing some action!

It's only 2 hours from Hirtsals for us, thus we've more time on the water. Whether this be the right chance, well only time will tell.

What flies are a must here? Now I've got a good selection from Norway, but just wonder which I just must have, that I haven't got already?!

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My personal box for a spring trip in Denmark would contain something like:
- Grå Frede
- Magnus
- Danish Pastry Fly
- Klympen
- Bloody Butcher
- Red Tag
- Charlie Fly
- Omoe Brush
- Christmas Tree (clear, pink and orange)
- Brenda
- A few large zonkers

You would find those advocating:
- Pink Pig (Pattegrisen)
- Perfect Leo Shrimp
- Honey Shrimp
- The Real Borsteorm

Most of these are covered on this site. If you want them on paper, most are also in my book "[url= Flies for Baltic Seatrout[/url]"

But I'm sure the Norwegian flies will work too. The issue is not choosing the pattern, but finding the fish. If they are there, they are pretty indiscriminate about fly choice in the spring. I would gladly fish with just a size 4 palmer hackled fly like Grå Frede, Magnus or Pastry Fly the whole spring.


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South East Jutland...

There's always south-east Jutland/Jylland.
There are some pretty fantastic areas from Kolding Fjord down to Hejlsminde, Anslet, and Genner Bugt.
I have fished almost the entire stretch, over many years and would pretty much say that as long as you can find a suitable stretch of water, you'll find sea trout.

Happy hunting.


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