Published Sep 22. 2006 - 17 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

you can leave your hat on .... DIY fly patch

Hi Y'all,

Fly patch - the ongoing issue. My fishing buddy Frank Bowy made me aware of door / window windstopper tape to be used for self made flyboxes. The tape is actually a rubber tube with a P shaped profile. It's originally for sealing windows and doors. Hence the name - air stop. It makes nice fly patches or can be used to make your own box.

My beloved wife found it in brown at the home depo store. The adhesive tape is available in a nice brownish colour from Schuller-Ehklar (Part Number 44310) [url=]






DistantStreams's picture

Fly Patch?...

Well, I think I'll pass on this idea. As much as I love the idea - I have already moulded some sort of fly storage system in my 6 year old hat.

So many people have taken pictures of my hat over the years, that I dare to count.
So many have offered to buy me a new hat but I have politely refused.

This picture was taken by Kasper Mühlbach. I think he secretly wanted it but couldn't find the words. :?
I imagine it has a place in his wallet or bedroom wall... :shock:

Rip Van Old Hat

Kasper Mühlbach's picture



you wish I would trade in my GlobalFlyFisher-cap, but I will not.

Kasper Mühlbach

DistantStreams's picture


Hey Kasper,

My hat has 6 years of sweat, salt, various fly cremes, mud, fishy smells and other stuff embeded into it.

A trade for a crisp, clean GFF cap?

No. :?

Drag it around behind your car for a month or two in winter an I'll consider it! :shock:

Maybe I should make a picture of my hat in "Scratch and Sniff". :P



t.z.'s picture

Re: Cap...

[quote:1b5c8281c0="DistantStreams"]My hat has 6 years of ...[/quote:1b5c8281c0]

So it's brand new .... just worn in so to say :D - Get 10 years more live out of it with the special flylip(TM) :D :D :D

DistantStreams's picture

Flylip (TM)...

Hey t.z,

No thanks. :) (TM)
I hope your fly fishing isn't like your sales pitching... :shock:

Rip Van (TM)

t.z.'s picture

Re: Flylip (TM)...

[quote:8f6d3610be="DistantStreams"]Hey t.z,

No thanks. :) (TM)
I hope your fly fishing isn't like your sales pitching... :shock:

Rip Van (TM)[/quote:8f6d3610be]

Fishing is quite OK. Can't complain. Can't complain about sense of humour either. :lol: - Do you have a cellar?


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