Published Jan 12. 2023 - 1 year ago
Updated or edited Jan 12. 2023

GFF Newsletter: A Bamboo Saga | Bites in Pink Satin | Fish Camp Fail | Sling Wings and much more

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First of all: a Happy New Year to everybody!
I hope the new year will treat you well and bring you great fishing, unbreakable tippets, hooks that never go dull and flies that never unravel.

The last months of 2022 has brought some new material to the Global FlyFisher, and in January this year I have published two articles: a great pattern made from satin and a story about an epic bamboo rod building class.
Find links to both articles and more below.

Also, there is the steady stream of videos. Sure you can find videos many places, and searching for fly tying or fly fishing on YouTube will bring you thousands of links.
But the videos on GFF are all curated and tagged. I have seen them all and vouch for their quality. They are also categorized so that you can see lists of videos on bonefishing or parachute hackles exclusively.
The video section now contains a stunning 11,757 videos! It will take you a few days to get though them all.

As always I reach out to each one of you to consider contributing articles to the site. I'm open to almost anything: patterns, experiences, tying tips, photo series, trip reports. If you think it's interesting, so do I and so does probably a good number of the thousands of visitors who come to the site every day.

That's all for now.


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