Published Dec 4. 2018 - 5 years ago
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GFF Newsletter: Blue Mist | 5 Minute Bug | The Mighty Green Drake | DIY Vacuum Rod Holder

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Dec 4. 2018

This newsletter was sent to a lot of people! Like way more than usual, because I found out that the far majority of all those who had subscribed, hadn't been activated.
So even though it might be a long time ago you signed up, you weren't forgotten... just hidden away. Sorry!
So if this newsletter comes as a surprise, and seems like something you never signed up for, that's why. If you by any chance don't want it in the future, just unsubscribe using the link in the end of the newsletter.

But apart from that, this newsletter brings you two new articles, both fly patterns, but that's also where the similarities end. One is a tarpon fly, a baitfish imitation called Blue Mist tied by Canadian Allan Youell, the other one is a small beetle imitation devised by Russian tyer Dmitri Tseliaritski. A simple and easy-to-tie fly called the 5 Minute Bug.
You will still find Czech Bretislav Kaspar's article on the Mighty Green Drake and Danish Jesper Barsholm's article on a DIY rod holder for your car, so there's a truly international and wide selection of recent articles.

Also, there are constantly new videos in the ever growing video section. It's closing in on 10,000 videos, currently featuring 9,443. The number goes up and down, because I add new videos basically every day, but some of the older ones are taken offline by the producers, and are then removed from GFF.
No matter what, there's a lot of videos!






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