Published Jul 2. 2023 - 7 months ago
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GFF Newsletter: Can AI tie flies? | Hitched Hoglouse | The Prefab Shrimp | Salmon fishing in Iceland, where to start

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These days it's AI, AI and more AI. Everybody is talking about it, a lot of us are using it and it certainly has stirred a lot of commotion all over the place.

But while AI is obviously good at writing text, good at doing computer code and may be pretty good at diagnosing disease, finding errors and many other things, how about tying flies?

Well, maybe not tying them physically, but inventing fly patterns.

We're a bunch of Danish tyers who tried getting Chat-GPT to design a fly, and that was a fun experience! And without revealing too much: it didn't do really well.

You can read the story on the site – and see the horrendous pictures, also drawn by AI.

There are more and better fly patterns to be found too – for both fresh and salt water – and there's an excellent article with inside tips on setting up a salmon fishing trip to Iceland.

And you will also:
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… and much, much more

Enjoy your summer, those of you in the northern hemisphere, and the ones in the south: don't fret. Summer will eventually come your way too.


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