Published Mar 30. 2022 - 2 years ago
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Mar 30. 20221x1

It's been quiet for a while on the lines from the Global FlyFisher, even though things have been happening on the site.

So I though it was suitable to send out a newsletter promoting the new stuff one site a bit, and celebrating spring in the northern hemisphere - which I write looking out the snow outside! Yes, it snowed today for the first time in a very long time.

Even so, spring is here, and people are definitely warming up to the coming season here, talking about sea run browns, mayflies, salmon season, garfish and much more.

On the web site there's a few new articles, namely another one of Dutch Tom Biesot's fantastic articles on home made tying tools. This time a very different bobbin holder. Wales based Scotsman Nick Thomas of Fly Couture fame treats us to yet another of his innovative flies: The Combover. I have chosen to promote Iceland based Dane Nils Folmer Jorgensen's fantastic article on the gigantic brown trout in the Icelandic lake Thingvallavatn. It's a spring phenomenon to go fishing for them, and the article could probably help or inspire those who dream of North Atlantic giants.

A small - but non the less important - addition is another leader. US based angler Joe Lazar dropped me a mail offering the formula for a leader he used, and as soon as I got the details, I entered them into the LeaderCalc system, and we now have another 21 leader variations added to the thousands already in the system. Look for Joe Lazar's Five Section Tapered Leader. If you have a leader formula that you want to share, there's room for yours too. Just contact me.


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