Published May 13. 2020 - 3 years ago
Updated or edited May 13. 2020

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May 13. 2020

It's been a very long while since I wrote the latest newsletter, so I thought it was about time to reach out.

These are strange times, a lot of the world locked down, quarantined and standing still. Many you are hard hit either by the disease or by the measures having been taken by governments, organisations and businesses all around, and know that you all have my deepest sympathy. I personally haven't been hit on my health or on my daily work. I have actually been busier than ever, and have been helping clients adapt to this new and very digitized world. So I'm not complaining.

But my work schedule has meant less time to devote to the site. It's been updated, and quite a few new articles have been published as well as the never ending stream of videos. But I haven't had much time to develop new content, tie flies, take pictures - or even fix some of the small errors that pop up now and then on a large and complex site such as the Global FlyFisher.

The newsletter system itself is one of the issues that I need to look into. It's been lagging for a while, and I have had to jump through hoops to get it to send off mails properly. Sending thousands of mails isn't trivial, unfortunately. The newsletter has close to 15,000 subscribers, and I'd like you all to get your copy, and to get this into a routine, where I can send out regular (although not frequent) mails without having to fear for being shut out by the mailing host every time.

Well, never the less, here's some inspiration and a few things to jump into and entertain yourself. Should you have comments or ideas, feel free to mail me at

Stay safe, stay healthy.






The Global FlyFisher

Simply the Best Place to go for Online Fly Fishing and Fly Tying


Martin Joergensen
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