Published Mar 1. 2024 - 4 months ago
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GFF Newsletter: GFF turns 30! ... and quite a bit more.

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So we're a bit into 2024, and quite a few articles have been published since the latest newsletter was sent in October last year.

It's been several months after all, and that means that no less than 17 article have been published since then, all great, but one in particular worth mentioning: GFF turns 30!.

Yes, like in thirty years!.

Very few websites get to celebrate their 30th anniversary, but the Global FlyFisher is one of them, having been online in one form or the other since early 1994!.

Quite a feat, and something that makes me pretty proud.

Apart from that you'll find the fill list below: patterns, book reviews, some fishing tips and an article about tying flies on size 32 hooks! Yes, people do that!.

So lots of good content, and more to come. Keep returning to the site. There's much more on the way.

Tight lines from Denmark.


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The Global FlyFisher

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