Published Feb 16. 2023 - 1 year ago
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GFF Newsletter: Leaders, LeaderCalc 2023 and some odds and ends

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One of the constantly popular sections and an almost surefire number one in the most visited list is our LeaderCalc tool.
LeaderCalc was made by GFF partner Steve Schweitzer back in the early 2000's and was originally a spreadsheet, which you could download and run in MS Office.
That changed in 2016 where it was transformed to an online tool, and was modernized with many more leaders and a lot more functions.

The old version is still available, but not maintained anymore, while the online tool is regularly updated with new leaders and new facilities. It currently features 2,888 leader recipes!

Below you can find links to the latest content about LeaderCalc, and also to a couple of the older articles about fly fishing leaders.

There's also some other new stuff: a couple of articles about fly photography and an article about bamboo rod making and more.

Much more is of course found on the site, so knock yourself out and go swimming in the deep end:

2,366 articles with 19,300 pictures. 11,804 videos, 776 fly patterns (and many more not in the pattern database), 440 blog entries and 360 reviews.

There should be enough for a few hours of reading.



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