Published Aug 6. 2022 - 7 months ago
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Aug 6. 20221x1
I have a confession to make: I haven't touched my vise for more than a month! Actually, the part of my desk, that it sits on, is a bit messy, and if I want to tie, I'll have to do some serious cleaning up first.
That's a rare thing (both the lack of tying and the cleaning up!), because a lot of my fishing related activities take place at the vise and not on the water. I love tying, but I would surely love to fish more than I do. Unfortunately that's not easy due to my MS, which is making it more and more difficult to engage in physical activities. Wheelchairs and wade fishing is not an optimal combination ...

Luckily I have the Global FlyFisher, which allows me to let out some of the fishing steam that builds up inside me. When I don't tie and I don't fish, GFF is is my safety valve, allowing me to still focus on fly fishing and fly tying, which I love as much as I've always done.
So even though it's not like the site is exploding with content, there's still a fairly steady stream of new material, and I've managed to publish a ton of videos as well as a couple of articles since the last newsletter. You can see links in the section below.

I'm also working on more new material:
- A third article on BWOs by Serbian Goran Grubic and Aleksandar Panic
- An article on typical beginner's tying mistakes and how to fix them
- A piece on hackle guards, the types and their use
- Some shamelessly simple fly patterns that really work

More is on the tab - and some of it has been for ages. As summer dwindles, I'll dig into my stash of 30-80% finished scripts and do what I can to get them to 100% and publish them.
And as always: if you have something fly fishing or fly tying related that you want to see out on the great Interweb, there's plenty room here on GFF. Contact me with your idea, and we'll work on masking you a fly fishing or tying celebrity!

Until next time.


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