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The reason for visiting the lower Zambezi.

Beware. Teeth ahead!

Perfect morning, perfect fish, 16lbs of trophy

Always use steel trace

Early morning trophy tiger from the Caprivi Floodplains

Returning to the Lodge after - 'another shitty day in Africa'!


Hippos lazing in the water, a common site when fishing the lower Zambezi.

Hippos are very common

The Okavango River snaking south towards the Delta


Striped water dog!

Endless delta

Okavange delta

Barbel gorging on baitfish

Sun setting

The endless delta

the meandering river

A boat caught Tiger on the Pongola Dam

A Good Nembwe (one of 17 different species of 'Bream')

A small catfish - affectionally known as 'Mr. Whiskers'

Even the small fish have big teeth!

Impressing fish

On the bank

Spin a tiger

Serious tigerfish

Arriving at Nxamaseri Lodge


Fishing from the Osprey

Heading back for lunch

'Beautiful Island'

Baitfish escaping

Elephants drinking at the waterside with a crocodile floating in the water half way to the elephants.

Exploring and sightseeing the shores of Pongola dam with a canoe


Tigerfish can bring about smiles

The Bogagrip comes in handy

Tigerfish on the verandah

Two good tigers from Pongola dam

A rewarding dinner with a view after a hard day's fishing on the Pongola Dam

The ladies having a brunch with a view, while the husbands are fishing.

View from the deck.


An aerial view of one of the camps at Pongola Game reserve.

Valley view

FlyCastaway - Korrie Broos - Upstream Flyfishing