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The sign

The Rock

Wayne the Driver

Whale Tail

Exhausted and model for a second

Waiting ladies

War room


Table is ready

Cleat Bon Aventure

First stretch

Mr. Charming

John - the worried trainee

Matthew considerating

The Zec

Ending the fighting

I can not believe it...

Landing sequence

First salmon /grilse ever

Landing sequence


Flying Fisher

In the net

Life is such a joy

Little man in big surroundings

Ordinary lunch?

Two camera posing

Red, gold, bronze, black, beautiful

Canoe Casting

Canoe grilse

Emptying the canoe

Mattew - the perfect guide

Nearly fresh

Trying to smile

Two men in a boat

Man and fish over board

Relax, fight and enjoy

School of salmon

Underwater release

Kasper Mühlbach - Marc Debain - John Law/Kasper Mühlbach - Matthew Flowers / Kasper Mühlbach