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CDC and Elk on the water

CDC Hydropsyche Larva

CDC Split Wing Dun

CDC Trico Floating Nymph

CDC Epoxy Flohkrebs

CDC Extended body spent (AKA The Fairy)

CDC Rehhaar Steinfliege

CDC Wonderwing Caddis

LE CDC Blue Dun

Parachute Puff Emerger

Overall (Type 1) CDC feather.

CDC details

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

The bird's preen gland

Step 1 - thread and CDC

Step 2 - wind the CDC feather

Step 4 - elk hair wing

The F Fly

The Para Emerger

The Para Emerger

The Para Emerger

Once and Away

MP 666

CDC Green Transitional Caddis

CDC Palmer

Hans Weilenmann - Francis Friesen