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Great start to a day on a boring pool

The mandatory picture tells the story

This freshly run 103 cm salmon had given my client “problems”

I was expecting a slim salmon, not this nice sea trout

4th of April and frost!

Small river, big fish

Some say you cant catch freshly run sea trout in april in Iceland. Well, what do you call this then?

Varmá fishing sea trout in frost. Here the first fish of the trip.

An artic char feeding in the surface.

Angry birds... for real!

Great brown trout fishing in the north.

Horses crossing

Minnivallalækur proves itself again as a big fish river

64 cm brown trout on size 18 dry fly.

Double 50+ cm release...

Hefty brown trout

There are 8 kg/16 lbs. brown trout in this little stream.


A perfect hitch caught salmon

Steini landing the second salmon of the morning

The fingers were starting to get chewed up...

Cracking fish, cracking smile

It's a beautiful day

Steini holding my second 100 cm salmon from 2011.

Clear water

My first salmon from Fnjoská

92 cm with seal bite


MICRO Francis

Kasper crossing th stream

Kasper into a big bar of silver

Kasper landing a char

Kasper on the way


Can water become more clear then this?

Nice settings

Vinter summer in Iceland

Expecting the take

Great expectations

Very nice view

Angler upstream, fish downstream


Reason to celebrate

Here we go again...

A whole fish and half a rod

Not a good situation!

Angler upstream, fish downstream

Not interested!


Fishing in Laxá in this? No way!

The sea trout did not mind the cold

Bloody fuck finger!

Climbing the waterfall

Morten Oeland and Nils Vestergaard filming

A 78 centimeter sea trout

Beautiful flank

Going back

Yet another cracking brownie from the north.