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BigBug done

Large saltwater fly

Super simple

Thai Hobo

The Headbanger

The Weasel

This is not size 20!

Pat Cohen's flies

A manly hook

Articulated shanks

Good alreound hook

Short shank bleeding

Short shank offset

Skinny but large

Partridge Attitude hooks

Partridge Attitude Extra

A felted fly

Methods to grow a fly

Grande Moyerfokker

Large but airy

Lots of air

The Malbran

A large fly

Herman Broers tying

BigBug underway

Articulated shanks

Lillie D'Pink

Santa Claus

Pete Gray baitfish

Pete Gray baitfish

Feather extending

Michael Schmidt

Tinsel wigs

Artificial fur

Hair extensions

Big Fly Fiber

Large saddles

Ostrich feathers

Peacock herl



Yak hair

Bear hair

Large foil eye

Prefabricated 3D eyes


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