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Step 1 - Insert one of the fly lines into a piece of shrink tube of approx. 6-8 cm (3 inches)

Step 2 - Heat the tips of the fly lines.

Step 3 - Remove the coating.

Step 4 - Now the fly lines are ready to be merged.

Step 5 - Sew the core from each fly line into the center of the coating of the other fly line.

Step 6 - (optional) Before pulling the lines tight together, apply a bit of glue.

Step 7 - Pull the fly lines tight together (before the glue dries out).

Step 8 - Cut of the additional cores.

Step 9 - Place the shrink tube over the merged position.

Step 10 - Apply heat to merge. The coating should merge to the extra core inside.

Step 11 - Remove the used shrink tube.

Step 12 - You have now merged 2 fly lines.