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Embroidery scissors

Pakistani scissors

Pharmacy scissors

Bennechi scissors

No-name short blade

Tiemco Deer Dresser

Coarse serration

Medium serration

Fine serration or microserration

Sharp and smooth


Anvil Mini

Tiemco Deer Dresser

Semperfli 6th finger scissors

Wiss Snips

Odd shapes

A sharpener

Solingen hair scissors

Solingen hair scissors


The notch

BnG Razor

Dr.Slick Razor

eBay razor scissors

Futurefly Razor

Silverfishing RS

All colors

Anvil Long Reach

Anvil Mini

Anvil Ultimate Accu-tip

Anvil Accu-Tip, large

Adjustable handles

BnG Razor

Martin with a blue dot

Devaux Ultra Fine

Devaux Universal

Deveaux Master

Deveaux Tungsten Master

Coated handles

Dr.Slick Razor

Dr. Slick spring scissors

Dr. Slick tungsten carbide scissors


Fiskars Stitcher Scissors

Fly Only Large

Fly Only small

Funky Oil Slick Micro

Funky Polished Razor

Funky Tungsten Carbide

Futurefly Razor

The red dot

Griffin All Purpose

Griffin CHS Arrow Point Scissors

Griffin CHS Dressing Scissors

Griffin CHS Standard Point Scissors

Griffin CHS Utility Scissors

Kopter Ultimate

Kopter Absolute

Kopter Absolute Curved

Kopter spring

Kopter ring shape



Loon Ergo Hair Scissors

Loon Razor Scissors 4"

Loon Ergo All Purpose Scissors

Loon Ergo Arrow Point Scissors

Loon Razor Scissors 5"

Large eyes

MPT Large Stright

MPT Medium Straight

MPT Small Curved

MFC Brook

MFC Brown

MFC Hunter

MFC River

Orvis Comfy Grip

Orvis Open Loop scissors

Renomed SuperCut

Renomed rings compared

Renomed FS2

Renomed FS3

Renomed FS5

Renomed handles

Silverfishing RS

Silverfishing Tungsten

6th finger scissors

Semperfli 6th finger scissors

A simple ring

SMHAEN Midge straight

SMHAEN Midge curved

SMHAEN Regular 4.5"

SMHAEN Regular 4"

SMHAEN Large 5"

SMHAEN Large 4.5"

SMHAEN scissors

Squizzers hook

Squizzers long

Squizzers short

Laschal surgical scissors

Tiemco Deer Dresser

Tiemco Razor

Tiemco Razor serrated

Tiemco Razor Tungsten Carbide

Large handles

Wiss Snips

Replaceable blades


Texi Ti-500


eBay scissors

Multicolored scissors

eBay razor scissors

Anvil Long Reach in the hand

Anvil Mini in the hand

Devaux in the hand

Fiskars in the hand

Futurefly in the hand

Tiemco Deer Dresser in the hand

Compact scissors

Very small

Plain works for most people

Index finger grip

Middle finger grip

Ring finger grip

Semperfli Sixth Finger in the hand

Squizzers in the hand

Wiss snips

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