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Large but airy

Articulated pike fly

The links

Large flies

An articulated wax worm

An articulated shrimp

An articulated stonefly

Small wiggle tail

My first articulated flies

Pearls and hooks visible

Adding beads

Types of articulation

Hook placement


Shanks, long

Shanks, medium

Shanks, short

The tying process

Articulation and a wiggle tail

Wiggle tail

Foam head


Modular foam fly

Long flies

The construction

Game Changer

Poon Changers

A little Musky Americana

Production fly tying

Different Mike Schmidt streamers

No rear hook

Bucktail articulated streamer

Chartreuse articulated streamer

Flashtail fly

Hollow Point

Hot Fuzz

Wiggle tail

Wiggle tail configurations


Spineless Minnows

Spineless Minnows

Large articulated fly from Dougie Loughridge

The Kavorka

Kavorka's with and without a wiggle tail

Fancy tails on Ulf Hagström flies

A commercial tyer

Bulky articulated deer hair flies

Articulated pike flies

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