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112 cm from 2014

The small side stream Grundakvisl

104 cm from September 2016

105 cm from Oseyri Pool

108 cm salmon from the pool Mori

End of season 2013 - a 109 cm salmon

The pool "Stiflan"

Fish on the Autumn Hooker

Another one gets released

A fresh 96 cm salmon

A grilse

Fog on the river

Releasing a 112 cm salmon

The pool Kirkjuholmskvisl

Under the rainbow

The neck of the pool Tjanrnaholmaflud

Ready to be netted by the guide

A fresh salmon

Arni Petur

Hemmi and Oddi

Hitch fish

Casting over Þvottastrengur

Watching the water

The pool Knutstadir

A look over the river


On a dark day

Ready for some action on the fly Maria

The pool Hofdahylur

Choosing the right fly

Rod resting on the bank


Line catchers on the bank

A boat in the priest Pool

The fly Erna

The fly Völli

Beygjan flies

Metallica variation

Autumn Hooker flies

A version the Erna called Erna Spey

Happy hour on the bank

Nils and the land owner Hemmi

Krauni the guide

Guiding chaos!

On a rainy day with Hemmi

Paul and Nils


Volli teaching the youngster the secrets

Volli, rock legend Bubbi and Nils

Good company!

Steini and Volli

the guide family

Debriefing in the waders room

A drink by the fireplace


Bubbi Morthensen in Nes chruch

103 centimeters

106 cm and 60 cm girth!

103 cm from September 2013

Grundahorn Pool