Published Jul 10. 2018 - 11 months ago
Updated or edited Jul 10. 2018

Trimming line tapers

When you buy a fly line of almost any taper, the tip often has fairly long a level section beyond the front taper. This section might be there because of the way the lines are produced or because of the additional wear-and-tear tolerance it offers. But on most lines it's good for very little!

The tapered part of the line transfers and accelerates power from the level part of the line or the belly to the thinner leader and finally to the tippet and fly. This surplus level piece will not aide that process.
Especially lines designed for power casting like wind tapers, bass tapers and shooting heads have no benefit from this extra piece. Simply trim it off!

Some lines might have a long taper, which seems almost level, but this has been done on purpose, and you don't want to cut into that.

Run your fingers from the tip towards the belly of the line and notice when the taper starts and the line gets thicker. If the level part is more than 25-35 centimeters or 10-12 inches, trim off the excess. Some lines have up to 1-2 meters or 3-6 feet of level line in front of the taper.

Leave about 25-35 centimeters or 10-12 inches to have some extra line for making loops on or for tying and cutting off nail knots.

This should definitely help your line and leader turn over better and hopefully improve your casting and fishing.

First published: 
Mar 21. 2002