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The basic Red Tag dry fly

Coastal red tag with short hackle

Coastal red tag with normal hackle

Coastal red tag with long hackle



Sea trout

A large kelt

A small sea trout

The three materials - and thread

The classic, dry version

Coastal Red Tag

Coastal Red Tag a la Eskol

Coastal Red Tag with eyes

Coastal Red Tag Palmer

A coastal red tag ready to fish

The Baltic coast

Red Tag Omoe Brush

Soft hackle Red Tag

Spider Red Tag


A grayling stream

Tenkara Red Tag

Red Tag Klink

Red Tag Once and Away

Red Tag Nymph black

Red tag nymph brass

Red Tag Wet

Red Tag Brushwing

Irish shrimp Red Tag

JC Red Tag

Red Tag Copper

Red Tag Salmon

Red Tag Irish Shrimp JC

Red Tag Spey

Red Tag Tube

Red Tag Intruder

Red Tag Muddler

With a bead behind the hackle

Classic style

Various colors

Dry Red Tag

With eyes

Falkus Lure style


Salmon flies


Skjerns Fancy


Flashy Red Tag in its right environment



Soft hackle

Classic dry

Wet style

A duo

Rubber Legged Red Tags

A row

Marabou tails


Coachman style

Bumble style

Streamer style

Fat bodied

Skinny coastal

Articulated worm

Red Tag CDC emerger

Red Tag EHC

Red Tag intruder

Red tag beadheaded nymph

Red Tag parachute dry

Red Tag streamer

Beaded Red Tag from Italy

Partridge Red Tag 4

Partridge Red Tag 3

Partridge Red Tag 2

Partridge Red Tag 1

Peacock Red Tag Soft Hackle

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