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The polish and the flies

Not a big fly

A white/chartreuse NailFly

A red/white NailFly

A green/orange NailFly

A blue/green NailFly

A yellow/orange NailFly

A blue/green NailFly

A blue NailFly

Oh yeah!

Blue bodies

Green/yellow NailFly

Quick to tie

Almost endless variations

Salmon fishing in Iceland

Probing an Icelandic river

Step 1: Vanish hook shank

Step 2: Start thread

Step 3: Add 1st wing material

Step 4: Add 2nd wing material

Step 5: Add guinea fowl

Step 6: Add optional dash of colored guinea fowl

Step 7: Tie in throat hackle

Step 8: Finish fly

Nils with a salmon

An Icelandic summer salmon

A hefty Icelandic salmon

A well deserved catch

Icelandic silver

Nils Folmer Jørgensen - Kasper Mühlbach