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Craft Beer Squid

The materials

E-Z Body mesh tube

A simple DIY tool

In the hand

Finished Craft Beer Squid



Measure bucktail

Cut bucktail

Position bucktail

Tie in bucktail

Cover bucktail butts

Measure craft fur

Tie in craft fur

Cover butts

Take thread back

Prepare rubber legs

Trap behind thread

Bend back and tie down, repeat

Three sets of legs

Rabbit dubbing

Make a body

Body ready

Tubing into the tool

Reverse it

The end of the tube ready

Finish thread

Position the tube

Cut the tube

Don't cut it too long

The hackle guard tool

Pass it over the tube

Pinch the tube

Massage the tube as narrow as possible

Start the thread

Tie down the compressed tube

Form a head

Remove the rubber band

Whip finish

Cut thread


Cover the head to secure

Add stick on eye behind the mesh



Do the same on the other side

Off the vise

Herslev 3

Herslev 4

Herslev 2

Herslev 1

Martin Joergensen