Published Sep 1. 2015 - 8 years ago
Updated or edited Sep 15. 2015

Angel Body Zonker

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Kasper Mühlbach
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  1. Start the thread at the bend of the hook
  2. Tie in a few red barbules as a tail
  3. Prepare a narrow zonker strip
  4. Split the zonker strip right over the rear end of the body. Wetting it might ease the process
  5. Make sure its front end reaches the front end of the hook
  6. Tie the strip down with 10-20 tight turns of thread
  7. Leave it there for now
  8. Create a large dubbing loop
  9. Cut Angel Hair or a similarly fine flash material into 1-2 cm (3/4") long pieces
  10. Place in the loop and spin
  11. Wind to just behind the hook eye to form a body. Leave room for hackle and head
  12. Tie down and cut surplus dubbing loop
  13. You can trim the body now or when the fly is finished
  14. Pull the zonker strip tightly forwards, trim right in front of the body and tie down
  15. Tie in a hackle, stem first, curved side forwards, in front of the strip and wind it 2-3 turns forwards
  16. Tie it down and cut off the hackle surplus
  17. Create a head and whip finish
  18. Varnish the thread to the rear and the head
  19. Trim the body if not already done
Streamer size 4-6
A few red feather barbules
Angel hair spun in a dubbing loop (silver/gold/copper/optional)
Zonker strip (black/olive/dark brown/optional)
Front hackle
Red hen
Tying thread
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