Published Sep 1. 2015 - 4 years ago

Braided Clam Worm

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Hans Aarre Pedersen
Pattern type: 
Warm saltwater fly
  1. Cover the rear hook shank with tying thread
  2. Tie in the feathers for the tail "back to back."
  3. Tie in the Cactus Chenille
  4. Wrap the chenille forward to the hook eye and tie it down, but don't cut it off. Finish the first part of the fly.
  5. Thread the connecting line through the hook eye so that it is double.
  6. Braid the Cactus Chenille and the two pieces of line together. Count the number of braids if you want your flies to have the same length.
  7. Grab the braided part with a set of hackle pliers to keep it from unraveling and remove the rear hook from the vise.
  8. Slip the bead over the front hook, put the hook in the vise and cover it with tying thread to the bend.
  9. Tie the braided rope thoroughly onto the front hook, wrapping to the rear and forwards again.
  10. Cover the hook shank with chenille.
  11. Finish the fly with a whip finish. Trim off the remaining materials and lock with a drop of varnish.
Rear hook
Owner 50188 size 6
Fluo orange 6/0
Two red hackle feathers
Brown 15 mm Cactus Chenille
Connecting wire
Soft braided spin fishing line
Front hook
Gamakatsu F314 size 6
4 mm black or brass

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