Published Mar 5. 2021 - 2 years ago
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Freaner Flasher

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Claude Freaner
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  1. Secure the hook in your tying vise.
  2. Attach the tying thread behind the eye and wrap a base layer of thread about a centimeter in length. Return your thread to the hook eye, stopping about an eye width from the hook eye.
  3. Secure the dumbbell or bead chain eyes using cross wraps and horizontal wraps to lock the thread in below the eyes. Apply head cement or CA glue to the thread wraps to further secure the eyes.
  4. Advance your thread to the bend of the hook.
  5. Select a clump of marabou to be used for the tail of the fly. Measure the marabou to the hook shank and transfer this length to the hook bend. Proceed to tie in the marabou tail material. Continue making thread wraps over the marabou butts, up the hook shank, stopping behind the eyes. Trim the excess marabou butts and return the tying thread to the bend of the hook.
  6. Expose approximately 0.5 cm of the chenille core by plucking the sparkly material from the core. This will reduce bulk and create a smooth tie in point for your body material.
  7. Tie in the chenille core and advance the tying thread to the rear of the fly eyes. Apply adhesive to the fly underbody at this point if desired.
  8. Wrap the chenille around the hook shank to create the fly body. When you reach the eyes, secure the chenille with 2-3 turns of thread. Move the thread to the front of the eyes and bring the chenille over the center section of the eyes, tie off and trim the chenille.
  9. Rotate the fly 180 degrees if you are using a rotary vise or invert the hook in the vise jaws if you are using a fixed head vise.
  10. Select 6-8 strands of gold holographic tinsel. Fold the tinsel over the thread.
  11. Maintain tension as you secure the tinsel and tie in on the bottom of the hook, keeping the tinsel in centerline with the hook.
  12. Finish the fly head with additional thread wraps. Lock the wraps with a half-hitch, perform a 4-5 turn whip finish and snip the thread to complete the fly.
  13. Trim the tinsel wing to the length of the marabou tail.
  14. Apply head cement.
2-3X long streamer hook in sizes 6-10. Here I am using the above mentioned GCO231B in size 6, barbless and black nickel finish.
70-140 denier white
Small lead dumbbell or bead chain eyes in silver or black
White marabou
Medium size pearl flash chenille
Gold holographic tinsel

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