Published Mar 3. 2021 - 11 months ago

JC Red Tag Salmon

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Martin Joergensen
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Modern salmon fly
A little difficult
  1. Start the thread in the front the hook shank, leaving space for hackle and head.
  2. Cut a piece of red yarn. Double it depending on thickness.
  3. Tie it in in the front of the hook shank and cover it in close wraps to the hook bend over the barb.
  4. Tie in the rib under the hook.
  5. Return the thread to the tie in point in close turns.
  6. Trim the yarn so that the tail reaches the hook bend.
  7. Brush the yarn open and fluffy with stiff brush or a Velcro stick.
  8. Tie in 6-8 peacock herl and cover the butts in close turns down to the tail.
  9. Return the thread to the front.
  10. Wrap the herl in touching turns to form an even body.
  11. Tie down and trim the surplus.
  12. Counterwrap the rib over the body in 6-7 open turns.
  13. Tie down and trim surplus.
  14. Prepare the brown hackle by removing the fluffy barbs. The barbs should be able to reach beyond the hook bend.
  15. Tie in by the stem, curved side forward and wrap 2-3 times forming a swept back collar.
  16. Tie down and trim.
  17. Prepare a red hackle by removing the fluffy barbs. The barbs should be slightly short than the first hackle and just reach the hook bend.
  18. Tie in by the stem, curved side forward and wrap 3-4 times forming a collar right in front of the first one.
  19. Tie down and trim.
  20. Cover the bases of the front hackle with some tight turns to get it to sweep back.
  21. Prepare two JC feathers by removing the fluffy barbs.
  22. Tie in one on each side, reaching half way down the body.
  23. Bend back the stems, cover with thread and trim.
  24. Form a head, whip finish and trim thread.
  25. Varnish 2-3 time to form a neat head.
single salmon, like Partridge Patriot, #4
8/0 black
Red wool yarn
Flat medium silver tinsel
6-8 peacock herl
First hackle
Brown cock hackle, barb length 1.5 times hook length
Second hackle
Red soft cock hackle, barb length as hook length
Jungle Cock or substitute
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