Published Sep 1. 2015 - 8 years ago
Updated or edited Jan 8. 2016

Martin's Mundane Crazy Dane

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Martin Joergensen
Pattern type: 
Warm saltwater fly
Skill level/difficulty: 
Very easy
  • Start the thread just behind the hook eye
  • Form a base for the eyes
  • Tie in the eyes on top of the hook shank leaving some space up to the hook eye
  • Turn the hook upside down in the vise
  • Take the thread to just behind the eyes
  • GP version
    • Strip the soft barbs off a couple of red golden pheasant breast feathers
    • Lay the feathers together aligning the tips
    • Take a couple of loose turns over the stems to hold them flat against the underside of the hook shank (now top of the upside down hook)
    • Pull the stems until the barbs have a suitable length and gather to a small round bunch just reaching into the hook bend
    • Take a couple more tight turns of thread to secure the feathers and flare them a bit
    • Trim the surplus stems and barbs
  • Herl version
    • Take a couple of peacock herl and simply rip off the stiff base
    • Rip the rest of the herl into 3-4 piece each depending on length
    • Align the tips and tie in just behind the eyes so that the tipe just reach into the hook bend
    • Trim the surplus herl
  • Take the thread to the front of the eyes covering the underwing butts
  • Fold over 3-4 straws of Krystal Flash one or two times to get about double the wing length
  • The final overwing should be about 1½ times the hook length
  • Cut the ends open. The wing doesn't have to be very even
  • Take one end of the bunch in each hand and catch the thread, pulling the bunch into the latest thread turn
  • Pull the bunch to the top of the hook shank under the thread and secure with a couple of wraps
  • Bend back the front part and tie down both parts behind the eyes
  • Wrap over the flash and maybe form a small head in front of the eyes. I don't mind a bit of flash being visible over the eyes
  • Whip finish and cut thread
  • Varnish over eyes and thread
Kamasan B170 size 6-4
Tying thread
Black 6/0
Bead chain or dumbbell depending on availability or desired weight (dumbbells are typically heavier)
A couple of red golden pheasant breast feathers long enough to just cover the hook point
Underwing (alternative)
A couple peacock herl
Four straws of pearl Krystal flash folded over 2-3 times to create a small bunch

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