Published Sep 1. 2015 - 4 years ago

Miscellanea Emerger

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Everything but the kitchen sink...

After some experimentation with the pattern I call the Cheap Lazy Bastard, and having read and re-read both LaFontaine’s work and Oliver Edwards’ recent discussions (FF&FT November, 2005), I came up with a pattern I now call the “Miscellanea Emerger.” The idea of the is based on the idiom of “throwing in everything but the kitchen sink; however, I couldn’t justify the length of “everything but the kitchen sink” for a pattern name, and someone told me the name Kitchen Sink was already used – so there you have it. I have made an effort to include as many potential trigger aspects of an emerger as I could within reason.

Joe Kissane
Pattern type: 
  1. Thread the bead on the hook after pinching the barb.
  2. Tie on thread.
  3. Tie on Antron trailing shuck - can be trimmed later to length
  4. Tie on Antron material for sheath - splitting over and under;
  5. Tie on peacock herl and tinsel for ribbing
  6. Dub body of Antron and pull peackock herl across top/back of abdomen or;
  7. wrap peacock herl abdomen, leaving enough space between bead and abdomen
  8. for thorax, tie off with thread and trim excess.
  9. Wrap tinsel rib in opposite direction of body materials, tie off with thread and trim excess.
  10. Pull Antron sheath forward and sparsely splay around abdomen, tie off and either trim excess, or simply flare backward.
  11. Tie in centipede legs - may be trimmed to length later.
  12. Tie in wing case material (pheasant tail, bronze turkey or Antron)
  13. Tie in 2 strands of ostrich herl
  14. Wrap each strand of ostrich herl 2-3 times to form thorax - you may wrap between centipede legs to splay them apart. Tie off and trim excess.
  15. Pull wing case material forward, tie off and trim excess
  16. Color 4 inches of thread with felt tip pen, whip finish, trim and cement head.
  17. Trim legs and trailing shuck to appropriate lengths - trailing shuck should be trimmed "ragged."
Tiemco TMC 100 or similar, # 10 –16
White 6/0 Uni-thread or similar – colored olive or brown at head with felt tip pen;
Sparse tan Antron Trailing shuck ¾ length of hook shank;
2-3 strands of peacock herl back over pale olive or green Antron dubbing
Fine gold tinsel;
Pale olive or tan Antron pupal sheath sparsely covering abdomen;
3 pairs Montana Fly’s (olive, size “mini”) Speckled Centipede 1 Legs, approximately the length of the hook shank.;
Brown or olive ostrich herl;
Wing case
Pheasant, bronze turkey or Antron;
Brass or pearl bead.

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