Published Sep 1. 2015 - 4 years ago

Monster Bug

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Darius Vaskevicius
Pattern type: 
Dry fly
  1. Cut a foam strip.
  2. Shape it as shown.
  3. Tie in the narrow end of the strip. Use loose turns or a flat thread, otherwise the thread will cut through the foam.
  4. Take the packaging material – it will help you form nice body.
  5. Tie in.
  6. Bend forward, tie in.
  7. Then backward, than again forward… and so on. Finish when you will be satisfied with the shape of the body.
  8. Cut off the excess.
  9. Color the belly to match the dubbing, or maybe create contrast - it is up to you.
  10. Place the dubbing in a dubbing loop and twist.
  11. Make the dubbing loop coem forward in nice equal turns.
  12. Here is the time for the broom. It is better to use broom with thick bristles. Pull out some bristles. If you don't have the broom, you can use hair brush (if you dare).
  13. Tie in the bristles. It will be bug legs. Secure it with some Super Glue.
  14. Some more dubbing. You can use different color for the head.
  15. Stretch the foam strip forward and fasten it.
  16. Form the head.
  17. Now it's candle time. Take the needle, forceps, heat the needle on the candle light (be careful with the open flame!!!)
  18. It needs to just small touch to bend the leg. If you too long it will burn trough.
  19. And that's it - you have a MONSTER BUG
2X light streamer, size 12-6
Any color to match natural or mint colored
Color matching foam
Cell foam packaging material
It usually comes in white
Natural or dyed hare with some long fibres.
Black or white nylon brush

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