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Pinup (Red version)

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An original ABU Optic Streamer

ABU, Sweden
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  1. Secure the thread behind the hook eye and cover the shank with tying thread. Tie down a small bunch of fibers from a golden pheasant tippet feather. Tie in the ribbing material, leaving a rest equaling the length of the hook shank.
  2. Now wind the tying thread to ta point close to the hook eye. Catch in the red floss.
  3. Wind the floss down the hook shank all the way to tail. Make sure to cover all the tying thread. Then wind the floss back up to the tie-in point.
  4. Pull off a bunch of fibers from a fiery brown hackle feather (a schlappen feather in this case).
  5. Tie a false hackle under the hook. Using a rotary vice you might find this process easier by turning the fly upside down. Secure the fibers with two turns – then use your nail to spread out the hackle evenly under the hook. Then lock in place.
  6. Select a bunch of hair from a silver tipped squirrel tail. Tie it down on top of the hook shank. Use as few turns of thread as you can to reduce bulk.
  7. Tie down a topping of 3-5 peacock herls. Cut of surplus materials. Soak the butt ends of the squirrel hair with a dose of lacquer, before forming a smoothly tapered head.
  8. Tie down the bead chain eyes using figure of eight turns. Make a whip finish, cut off the thread and varnish the head.
Ahrex NS118 Classic Streamer #8-10
Golden pheasant tippet
Fine gold wire or fine round tinsel
Red floss
Throat hackle
Fiery brown hackle fibers
Silver tip squirrel tail
Peacock herl
Small bead chain eyes
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