Published Sep 1. 2015 - 4 years ago

Poxy Bunny

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Mark Dysinger
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Pike fly
  1. Fasten the hook in the vise and start the thread about one third of the hook shank behind the eye. Secure the dumbbell eyes with x-wraps and several thread turns around the base of the x-wraps.
  2. Bend a short piece of wire to form a loop, and secure the loop to the top of the hook shank towards the bend with a series of thread wraps. Place a smooth layer of flexcement or equivalent on the wraps that secure the eyes and wire loop guard.
  3. Prepare a magnum zonker strip that is twice the length of the hook shank by tapering the end to a point in the hide. Place the strip hide side up on the shank and just behind the eyes. Secure the strip with a series of tight thread wraps, and finish with the thread back near the hook bend. Place a smooth layer of flexcement or equivalent over the wraps that hold the zonker strip to the hook.
  4. Tie in the end of a strand of sparkle braid at the rear tie in point of the zonker strip and advance the thread forward to just behind the eyes. Wrap the sparkle braid forward over the tied in portion of the zonker strip, tie off, and trim any excess.
  5. Advance the thread ahead of the eyes. Build up a thread head and whip finish. If you wish to color the sparkle braid with a sharpie or highlighter, do so now.
  6. To complete the fly, lightly coat the sparkle braid and head area with 5 minute epoxy. Use the epoxy to taper the head as necessary.
#9034 saltwater or equivalent, 3/0
3/0 red
Tail guard
Wire loop
Magnum zonker strip
Sparkle braid
5 minute epoxy

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